Thinking about getting the game, first time in MH

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User Info: SaltyDan15

3 years ago#11
Lbg sux.
This post..ugh...BTW, anyone know who Candlejack is cau

User Info: GodGardevoir

3 years ago#12
Daitenma posted...
"lack of story and QUESTS"
Lack of story? Meh. Lack of quests? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha-No.
There is lots of quests, I have clocked 400+ hours abd haven't completed them all. Maybe thats because I'm not trying, but the point still stands.

What are the quests? Hunt this and that monster?
or are there any special quests that require to do something else?

User Info: sh0wnuf

3 years ago#13
From beginning to "end" you're looking at about 200 hours if you decide to finish all of Moga, and create some cool end game armor in Tanzia (HR8+). If you are a completionist, with regards to finishing all Tanzia quests, you'll be considerably over that hourly mark.

User Info: sh0wnuf

3 years ago#14
GodGardevoir posted...
the quests? Hunt this and that monster?or are there any special quests that require to do something else?

pretty much hunt this or that... there are a couple of gathering quests too, but they are few and far between. As a side, you also have village requests which require resources from hunting and gathering in order to complete.

User Info: Aziraphaile

3 years ago#15
Some quests ask you to hunt more than one monster, either multiples of the same kind or several different ones.

Some quests require you to capture a monster alive instead of killing it. (Bear in mind that "capture" will serve as a complete for "hunt" requests, but not vice versa.)

Many hunts can also be invaded by monsters that have nothing to do with the quest, and at least 2 monsters actually have the ability to call another monster to their location to come stomp on you. Sometimes the extra monster is a non-issue. Other times, it's Deviljho.

Early on there are a few quests to gather a certain number of X item, or kill X number of smaller "drome" monsters. They taper off later on though, as the game concentrates on the bigger stuff. The game can get repetitive, especially if you're trying to gather all the parts necessary from one monster for a complete armor set. That is offset by the fact that no 2 fights against the same monster will ever go the same way. There's no "pattern" to learn, you just have to make some educated guesses and react to what the monster is trying to do.
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User Info: Xazeal

3 years ago#16
GodGardevoir posted...
CronosZX posted...
what do you mean by 3 skills?

-side note: the game has a cr*pload of monsters with different patterns and a gigantic cr*apload of equipment

by 3 skills i mean 3 buttons that are actually related to your attacks.
I am still not sure... I like the idea, hunting monsters for a good gear without stopping, but I'm afraid that the lack of story and quests will hurt my fun...are you really sure that hunting so much is fun? Or it's just for a certain type of players?

Don't count buttons, count combos. Each weapon type is different and has unique combos. Besides, in this game, proper evasion is almost as important as attacking, so there's a lot more to the combat than just whacking stuff.

I've spent 1300 hours in this game, so yes, hunting is THAT much fun, because of the combat system. There is so much depth when it comes to learning when and where to attack/evade, and grinding is rarely a pain because each fight feels like a brand new experience.
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