worth buying a wii u or a 3ds just for this game?

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  3. worth buying a wii u or a 3ds just for this game?

User Info: mattat01

3 years ago#1
so ive been looking at buying a wii u or a 3ds just for this game. ive never played a monster hunter before but im a big dark souls/demon souls and ive heard alot of people compare the two. so would you recommend that buy a wii u or even just a 3ds for this game? and how does it play/ look like on a 3ds?
GT: mattat01

User Info: CronosZX

3 years ago#2
better get a 3ds so you can get mh4u next year
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User Info: Hellfire-1

3 years ago#3
645 hours into mh3U on the 3DS and still not tired of it lol.

If I ever got my money's worth out if a game, it'd be out of MH3U.
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User Info: mattat01

3 years ago#4
bump how does it play on the 3ds?
GT: mattat01

User Info: Galanore

3 years ago#5
It plays pretty much exactly the same as on the Wii U. The graphics are great. Almost as good as the Wii U version. I definitely recommend this game, especially if you're a Dark Souls/Demon Souls fan. Monster Hunter is the reason I picked up on Demon Souls those years ago lol. Also I would recommend getting the 3DS version seeing as how MH4U will be hitting the shelves early next year.
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User Info: mattat01

3 years ago#6
thanks can you still do most of game solo? i read their areas that are made with more players in mind.
GT: mattat01

User Info: NoviceTenchi

3 years ago#7
You can solo the entire game. Some later Guild quest will be harder to solo though. Or atleast take longer than with a group of fellow hunters.
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User Info: Pride_Fighting

3 years ago#8
You can solo the entire game, I have and am at G rank.

I have close to 700 hours logged in, well worth the money.
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User Info: VannofThursday

3 years ago#9
better with 3DS for mh4u next year.
I CLEARED all quest SOLO.
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User Info: mattat01

3 years ago#10
thanks everyone for the responses. pretty sure im gonna pick it up. just gonna decide on what platform.
wii u does have online multiplayer (and since i dont know anyone around me with a 3ds it will be my only chance to co op)
and better graphics/bigger screen
but is also cost a couple hundred more.

3ds is cheaper and has other games i would like to play.
but the small screen and no real multiplayer almost puts me off.

1st world problems......
GT: mattat01
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  3. worth buying a wii u or a 3ds just for this game?

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