Any singapore MH3G players?

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User Info: freyjaloh

5 years ago#1
Hi, i am from Singapore looking for MH3G players to play together.

User Info: forgottenjack

5 years ago#2
Yo! Just got my game & set yesterday, still trying to explore the game thou... my japanese is not that great...
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User Info: MaxDarkSoul

5 years ago#3
Hi, I just pmed you my email. let's meet up to hunt together?

User Info: freyjaloh

5 years ago#4
Sure! I usually play wif my bf on weekends! We oso play wif frds who are HR90++ Join my facebook Monster hunter 3G Singapore players

User Info: freyjaloh

5 years ago#5
Hi Max,
I send you an email.

User Info: dandan

5 years ago#6
Add me too :)

But I'm just an average player :)
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User Info: NoIdeaForANick

5 years ago#7
And me ? ...

Not much time for this game even though i got it day one. Still HR1 5 star village quest. >_<

Slide pad ran out of battery !!!

And ... my Project Mirai is on the way here ... x]
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User Info: freyjaloh

5 years ago#8
thanks guys, email me ya then we make arrangement to play.

User Info: marvinhoi

5 years ago#9
hey where do you guys usually play? im from singapore too

User Info: DLOArceus

5 years ago#10
How are you guys gonna play? You'll need a ton of places where to charge...
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  3. Any singapore MH3G players?

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