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User Info: VomitingRobot

5 years ago#1
Any advice for what class and stat/skill/talent distribution to choose for the main character? Or advice in general so that I can avoid getting stuck several hours in with a subpar build struggling with combat?

User Info: muaythaisoldier

5 years ago#2
I tried goign 2hander on my first character, you play as 2 different people and the story goes back and forth.

The first char can be berserker, defensive, or 2 hander. THe problem is the 2hander has half his skills as an archer, and archery did nothing but piss me off. Changing between bow to weapon is awkard and if you double tap the button your scrwed you just like 10 seconds while your character fumbles.

The problem I seem to see is staying power in fights with many enemies. I assume AOE's help much in this way but it is a bit difficult to setup the arc for a weapons trike that does aoe. usualyl its say hits 3 people in front of you.
So my advice for your first char is go either berserk or defensive but look at all the perks while making your character.
Interruption skills that stop an enemy from using a special attack on you are awesome.

THE 2nd character, he has awesome magic as a red priest. The healing spell he has is awesome, it is a heal over time and with 2 points in its tree there is no penalty to use just some energy cost.
I went assassin for my red priest and poured all my points into dagger to have the highest multipliers. Im still playing with it but really maxing out one weapon seems the best way to go as if you play the rock paper scisors game of say using swords against light armor all you are getting is a 15% damage bonus, which is equivalent to 15pts in one weapon, if you maximize a weapon you are doing much more damage with it than any other.

User Info: No_Mega

5 years ago#3
Well, I'm not far into the game, but I'll tell you my build so far.

Mors is a shield using tank, using the defensive talents on the right side of the tree. The idea is to taunt enemies and keep himself up with quick fix.

Alester is a sellsword, as I've noticed that his abilities in that tree gain good bonuses if he's not being attacked, which works nicely with a tank who can taunt. I've gone for the right side abilities for his heroic abilities, as his ability to heal himself or revive another should keep me in the fight indefinitely.

That's the theory at least, we'll see how it works out.

User Info: quadrakillz

5 years ago#4
I'm almost done with the game

I sent mors down Defensive and grabbed the area of effect dmg skill on the left of the tree first. AOE damage makes this game. In combat he taunts, aoes, and on occasion waits for enemies to use their skills so I can interrupt them.

Later down that tree he gets the shield bash type skill where he knocks them down. This is great as it's a lower energy cost stun, and when knocked down enemies can't dodge so for a few seconds they just get wailed on.

Alester I made a water dancer because I'm a fan of the books and how could I pass up the chance? He's a little squishier because water dancer is a tree that doesn't become omfgawesome until later in the game (With most of its best skills depending on you dodging and deflecting over and over). He still handles himself fine in the start of the game. Get the aoe skill and for your Rhllor power get the heal.

User Info: ViciousCMCB

5 years ago#5
As a water dancer, what would be the best attributes and skills for Alester?

User Info: LtRickGrey

5 years ago#6
Anything that focuses on accuracy and the ability to dodge. Alister with that skill set is SAVAGE! I made Mors a magnar berserk and he didn't really start kicking ass until I have him heavy armor. A bit squishy for my tastes.

Alister as a water dancer though... Accuracy, max out sword using, and medium armor as his personal suit of armor is medium. Also, focus on the knockdown stun and the manticor stinger strike. Leg trip then ground stab is a fantastic combo.

Quick as a snake also lays out the enemies pretty well.
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