This game is so bad.

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User Info: haruah

5 years ago#1
I don't understand how anyone can play this game. The battle system is just terrible. The loading screens take years and everything is turtle paced...

Making a game to tell a story means nothing if that game is absolute trash.

User Info: quadrakillz

5 years ago#2
I dont think it's that bad at all, aside from the load times. I really enjoy the battle system. Early on it's pretty cut and dry, just spam aoe abilities. But later as you get more skills and party members you find yourself having fun.

Should I set this guy on fire and make him explode? Or knock him down, guaranteeing me critical hits while my partner uses his ability that does increased damage to knocked down targets?

There are a lot of options as you progress.

Plus finding all teh hidden stuff, and all the lore behind pieces. I love checking blacksmiths inventories for gear that belonged to legendary heroes. It's cool.

User Info: LtRickGrey

5 years ago#3
Game requires a bit of depth and def. isn't for everyone, but it is in NO WAY trash.

User Info: Pulp

5 years ago#4
This game is solid for sure. I read a review that wasn't especially flattering, but took a chance anyway. Glad I did.

The story is very solid, the battle system is good (provided you actually figure out how to use it and not just spam 1-2 useless skills), there is quite a bit of choice. I was actually fairly impressed by this game. There have been a lot of copycat, by-the-numbers games the last few years - it's refreshing to see one do something different....and a licensed-property game, no less.

I had no problem with load screens...but I admit, my PC is pretty top end.
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User Info: Cheator13

5 years ago#5
It's bad alright
The controls are clunky, the camera is crap, the combat can put you to sleep, loading times are excessive, VA is often terrible, you get a horrible protagonist shoved down your throat... huge disappointment
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