Mors investigation

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User Info: d2cmp

5 years ago#1
I´m stuck at the part of the game where you have to investigate which one of your brothers are traitors.

I followed Bertram´s scent and it ends at a door, but when i go outside there´s nothing there, i have nothing else to decide if he is guilty or not

User Info: rpgfreakazoid

5 years ago#2
There should be a Night's Watch bro near the door in the Common Hall walking back and forth from some stuff on the ground to the wall. Loot the stuff on the ground and confront Night's Watch guy walking. His name should begin with a G, I believe.
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User Info: d2cmp

5 years ago#3
thanks man, i think some of the other guys mentioned the guard too, you really have to pay attention to dialogue in this game and without a walk-through i´m flying solo

User Info: dynastyhan

5 years ago#4
well you dont have to use the walkthrough and use Mor's dog tracking ability to eavedrops on the people talking about the traitors and follow the scents to find the suspicious guard.

User Info: hellazz

5 years ago#5
What about that old guy Grance? There seems to be nothing that says he's a traitor.

User Info: Cheator13

5 years ago#6

Bertram is a traitor - you'll fight him if you don't turn him in
The others aren't traitors but have done some other shady stuff
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