if this was made by bioware, fanboys would give it a 9.0 average

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  3. if this was made by bioware, fanboys would give it a 9.0 average

User Info: noimnoturdaddy

5 years ago#1
but because it's a smaller company and it's average, it receives only average scores.

User Info: UK360GAMER1

5 years ago#2
Yes because if bioware had made it, it would of been brilliant. i dont know if you have noticed their track record

User Info: raichudl

5 years ago#3
Dragon age 2, SWTOR, ME 3(disappointing ending), and Sonic: Dark brotherhood.
Shut up and bag yourselves!!! -Cody Rhodes

User Info: KrazytigerEX

5 years ago#4
I like the story itself is 10/10.
Everything else is just bad.
Typical when you dont have a big budget.

User Info: olaf73

5 years ago#5
Playing the 360 version here. I agree the story is good, I have to disagree that everything else is bad though.

In reading some of the negative reviews, the common themes are bad voice acting, subpar graphics and the combat.

The voice acting is not great but I dont think it detracts actively from the experience.

The graphics...again 360 here but they arent that bad IMO. Are they Skyrim? No. But the levels load about 400% faster too, thats a tremendous trade off IMO. On the PC I can see where this complaint has a little more teeth since there are so many PC titles with graphics as a show piece.

Lastly, the combat. I like it. RPGs should not be about hand eye coordination or twitchy combat. This isnt a shooter. The feel of it reminds me most of KOTOR. While I would prefer a true turn based system, I think this is a good compromise between flow and tactical options.

User Info: Handel

5 years ago#6
KrazytigerEX: You don't need big budget to make good interface. Looks like the interface designed by someone who never ever played games at all.
Freedom for the vacuum-cleaners!

User Info: olaf73

5 years ago#7
Inventory tab needs work, and perhaps combined with character sheet tab. I thought everything else was fine with the interface/ui. I will say that my characters would sometimes fail to execute queued actions for some reason. More of a bug than a design flaw though, I think.
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  3. if this was made by bioware, fanboys would give it a 9.0 average

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