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User Info: ShinononoHouki

5 years ago#1
Main menu
(from default option to right)
Story,Profile,Collection,Lounge,Online Versus,Customize and Option

Age: must celebrate birthday.
Real name: Get the good ending.
3 size: ask during ETS.
Blood type
Birthday:must celebrate birthday.
Favourite alcoholic drink
Favourite food
Disliked food
Favourite type


See all the bromides

Basically it's a catalog for PSN DLC.

VIP, Dream Snap

You can choose any girl that you have obtained a good ending for here, you get to pick what clothes she wears before entering the room. Here you are free to play/watch the girls sing, if you wait for a while, they'll get drunk and you can get them to sing drunken versions of the song, not doing anything will make the girl pick a random song to sing.
DO NOTE, like the actual Karaoke ,you need to have the girl perform a song before it unlocks for all other character. Every has 2 songs(0 and Normal) except for the newcomers, Asuka,Nonono and Haruka.

Dream Snap:
Basically you can snap real life pics with the girls in the background, there's a selection of different poses to choose from.

(Online Versus)
Self explanatory.

Clothing, Shop

You can customize clothing of girls you have selected in story mode.

You can customize in order: Shop interior, Singing Stage and Sofa.

Sound Settings, Performance Settings

Sound Settings: Only thing here to note is choosing whatever girl will change the system voice to the respective girls.

Performance Settings:
Effect,Song Display,Camera Type, Touch Support and No touch sign.

Effect: On and Off special effects during performance.
Song display:(from default to right) Support(button pressing) and Lyrics,Lyrics only, Nothing.Remember not to off Support when playing Sotry mode, if you make them perform Karaoke with Support off, you will not be able to support her and will result in a rank 0 which will cause her affection to drop.


Touch Support:

No touch Sign: Yes and No.
Previously Known as raging Hitomi.

User Info: ShinononoHouki

5 years ago#2
Story Mode Info.

Filling up the profile:
As stated, to obtain a girl's complete profile, you need to ask her . Things like her place of birth or bloodtype can be gotten easily. However more sensitive stuff like her 3 sizes or the type of guy she likes will require ETS to be activated(Both of you in a drunken state)
The only exception to this is their real name which you will obtain when you get their good ending and their Age and Birthday which requires you to celebrate their birthday.
To do so, you need to befriend you target girl's good friend. For example, Amane's good friend is Asuka, though it isn't obvious. If your affection level with her friend is high, they will send you a mail prior to their birthday.

O lets you buy drinks in bottles, X will make your girl choose a drink for you and [] lets you buy a single glass. Any drinks left when bought in a bottle lets you keep the leftovers till your next visit.
Girls have specific taste in alcoholic beverages. Giving them their favorite drink increases affection. For example, Amane like Beer while Haruka and Rui likes Wine.
Also if you're drinking , try to pick low alcohol level drinks and try to down the glass in one go. Doing so will sometimes net you additional affection.

Pressing [] after raising the main menu brings up the order list. The first lets you order another drink, 2nd lets you order food. The Banana, Omelette painting and eventually choco stick(VIP) triggers mini games which gives trophies if you obtain rank 9 for them.
3rd is Karaoke, which the host girl will perform a song for you, but she will not perform if her affection isn't high enough. Once she performs a song, that song is playable for the rest of the girls. Lastly is Dance(VIP) where you simply align yourself using the motion control.

Doing a job and filling up the experience bar grants you a new qualification and also raises the amount you earn from the same job. New qualifications will open up various other jobs.

To get the good ending, you have to obtain a key item plus went through all flags for her.
Typically, once you hit a certain point, the key item will appear in shops for purchase. You MUST give it to her prior to triggering the final flag or else you will net the friendship ending. There are 2 kinds of Flags, One that is forced on you, where she will talk to you without choosing a topic and the 2nd one where you can choose a topic, and you see a yellow topic. These will ONLY happen during ETS. However, stars on the other hand can come from event when she isn't in a drunk state.

I hope this helped you guys a bit.
Previously Known as raging Hitomi.

User Info: kazashi450

5 years ago#3
Thank you very much. This helped me out.

User Info: marsvalient

5 years ago#4
I notice that in collection you have bromides and "unknown" so I'll fill that in no?

The other collection is photos.

When you snap a photo on a date you can select your camera when in you room later, press square on any of your photos there and they will be added to your photo collection.
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