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User Info: Mik3y112

5 years ago#1

Can anyone tell me what the key items are and when I can obtain them. The wiki translation isn't much help :p

Also, who are each girls best friends for the birthdays? I didn't see any names on the JP wiki.

Any help would be appreciated (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

User Info: tonybobony89

5 years ago#2
The wiki does a pretty good job of guiding through each character to the good end. The wiki has a table summarizing the friend and jealousy relationships for all the girls.

Amane - Asuka
Mio - Airi
Setsu - Haruka
Reiko - Mian
Mian - Setsu
Rui - Reiko
Riho - Mio
Nao - Reiko
Mari - Amane
Airi - Nonono
Haruka - Mian
Nonono - Rui
Asuka - Nao

In general you have to nominate the friend around 4-5 times before her birthday/item flag in order to get the corresponding email.
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