what is tension good for?

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  3. what is tension good for?

User Info: kk1030

5 years ago#1
someone please answer, thanks

User Info: Haahahaha

5 years ago#2
by tension you mean the red sem icircle that fills up? its the tension/SP bar. basically like i nthe demo you go into a darling slave mode in which your weapon starts to steal the life force of anything it comes into contact with.

your Hp goes down gradually since you are holding it, and its refills your HP if you attack a monster. the cost is fair considering you get a stagger free boost, unlimited stamina, and an increase in attack and critical ratio
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User Info: rockmanx00

5 years ago#3
I thought that tension and sp were separate things.

Tension is the indicated by the glowing crystal in the bottom left corner of the screen and the higher the tension the more damage you do. So high tension is good.

sp is that bar that fills red and lets you use ds.
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  3. what is tension good for?

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