So this is a guaranteed PSN release for tuesday?

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  3. So this is a guaranteed PSN release for tuesday?

User Info: alienhamster

5 years ago#1
I heard that it was, and if it comes between waiting for gamestop to release it or just downloading it from home, I'd rather do the option that gets me the game faster.
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User Info: Fuepepe

5 years ago#2
From the information we have available to us, it is pretty much set in stone that the PSN release will be available to the consumers before the retail. Whether this is by half a day, a day, or even next week is unclear. If you actually paid for an overpriced proprietary memory card and don't mind digital versions of games, the PSN version is certainly the fastest way to play it.
Hardcore XSeed fan.

User Info: Ultimate_Broly

5 years ago#3
The 30th has been confirmed for the PSN for both the US and Canada. I talked to Jessica Chavez (localization manager for XSEED) myself and and she confirmed it.

User Info: JongJungBu

5 years ago#4
If you're in a place where it'll be in-store (like Gamestop) on the 30th, then that's the fastest way since the PSN doesn't update till afternoon to evening to night. If you are waiting on shipping or live outside NA, then probably PSN is the fastest way.

I'll be going digital since I like not fiddling with carts, and I bought an overpriced memory card. Haha. Seriously though, I will be, and I agree they're overpriced. But that's the route I'll be buying.
PSN: Jongjungbu

User Info: dragonleader33

5 years ago#5
It looks like no GameStop will have it on the 30th. Im gonna be a die hard and buy digital so I can play it and buy the CE when we actually get it in.
PSN:dragonleader33 Clan: K!Z Co-Leader
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  3. So this is a guaranteed PSN release for tuesday?

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