Okay 6-10 is RIDICULOUS!

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User Info: windmastery

4 years ago#41
Ultimate_Broly posted...
Haha. I'm probly gonna start using mage too when i help out my friend when i give him his copy because i got a staff that has splash potion and attack up 3. Figured i need the healing trophy and it helps him so why not lol. Haven't used a mage yet so idk what its like.

Mages are fancy that's for sure
I reccommend using Grendel with heretic skill card. It will help you ALOT against bosses and weaker enemies.
It won't really help you with monsters like Raydric or Einhanjar thou
But, u should be okay if youre playing with friends
Let the wind be your guide...
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User Info: Ultimate_Broly

4 years ago#42
kk cool thanks for the advice :D
PSN: LastExile2

User Info: Chadditz

4 years ago#43
After everything I read about this mission, I have to say I am proud of myself for beating this on the first try as a hammersmith. I just smashed his shoulders and went to town on his face. He killed me once, but that was from the mistake of attacking his face while his shoulders were up.
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  3. Okay 6-10 is RIDICULOUS!

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