2 x Critical Power Lv 5 Legbiter Sword

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User Info: WhiteSword7

4 years ago#11
Roksu posted...
Yes, you can't refine, break them into a card or near them again for neared weapons.

Well, TC already says he will break them into card and near them later
Thx TC!
PSN: Derrysan360-US
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User Info: ZeroAKA

4 years ago#12
Added you on PSN. My ID is AbstractChaos. Thanks!

User Info: Sinstro300

4 years ago#13
Please add me PSN ID; Sinstro300

would lovev to have that weapon and then also the card when extracted by you

ill be able to get online in about 4 hours time

User Info: Rawrrrrrrrr

4 years ago#14
meeee~ thanks =D
PSN: xeondarkness

User Info: rockman11_z

4 years ago#15
Please add me Psn mchiefing
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User Info: Landryll

4 years ago#16
I need one. Many thanks my friend.
Psn: Landryll76

User Info: ShyxGuy

4 years ago#17
I need it too!

My PSN is Divine-Avengerz

User Info: omnigearsRus

4 years ago#18
Psn broSKIholic thanks

User Info: cybaster

4 years ago#19
eCybaster. Please add, and thanks!

User Info: Hakatashi

4 years ago#20
PSN in sig. Thank you.
PSN: Haku415
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