2 x Critical Power Lv 5 Legbiter Sword

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User Info: Seishinmahou

5 years ago#21
add me! psn in sig
PSN: xtinqcion

User Info: Gold_Brand

5 years ago#22
Uhh, I don't know how to add someone, but here's my psn ID: Pupu_22

Add me pls XD I need that legbiter
Black magic bars our way, but the will of a templar is stronger!

User Info: Yarott

5 years ago#23
I certainly would like to have it!

PSN: Mecha_Sonic_75
Throughout Internet History, there weren't any Ganons or Zeldas, only Links.
The Official Stiltzkin of all boards

User Info: synthetiksin

5 years ago#24
PSN: SynthetikSin, would be very much appreciate it.

User Info: kstyle00

5 years ago#25
my psn ID is tomoyo-MKII
thank you so much

User Info: Landryll

5 years ago#26
Thanks for your share. My psn : Landryll76

User Info: Blazeheart07

5 years ago#27
I want it too.
here's my PSN ID: cyren29

Thanks in advance. ^_^
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  3. 2 x Critical Power Lv 5 Legbiter Sword

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