Wow this game is ridiculous...

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  3. Wow this game is ridiculous...

User Info: zimbob0

4 years ago#1
I am on chapter 4 and the game is way too hard. Is this game meant to be played with another person?

User Info: DDRnoKamiSama

4 years ago#2
I Soloed the whole game. If you party with others the game just gets harder unless you have someone to carry you through the game. Its more fun with people tho.

User Info: Azure_Serenade

4 years ago#3
Welcome to hunting games!
Once upon a time everything was awesome, but that was before I had to deal with mods.

User Info: rj568

4 years ago#4
Azure_Serenade posted...
Welcome to hunting games!

Man I miss MH right now

User Info: Seilaerion

4 years ago#5
The game is completely soloable. Online is certainly more fun, but if you're having significant difficulty - the best solution is practice and maybe get better weapons/cards.

RO is honestly much easier than most games in this genre. It's like a faster paced, casual Monster Hunter.
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User Info: HoIlywood

4 years ago#6
Many bosses are hard at first then very easy later on, I thought Hrgunger was impossible in chapter 6 now I think he's easy

Surt still sucks
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User Info: lambchips

4 years ago#7
i didnt have trouble with solo until chapter 9-5...
^ for the third final boss till the final boss (those were tricky because i hate bosses you have to jump just to hit... )

you should upgrade your weapon get more cards and learn your weapon...
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  3. Wow this game is ridiculous...

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