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User Info: angmodurian

5 years ago#1
Hello guys, i wish to make one of my last contributions to this community by sharing this epic build that can be used by all classes. This is a build that can break the game and the basic set up can help you pass the game in a breeze. This setup can be used for all classes but will make assassins game breaking.

BASIC requirements:
3 Sp Recycle cards (Ask someone to near this to you, monster cards grant that)
1 to 2 High tension gain card but best will be the card from heretic briefs (just need 1 heretic brief card)

Basically this set-up allows you to spam ds mode pretty much FOREVER because once your DS mode ended, the sp recycle skill will replenish 3/4 of it. The idea is to bypass low attack speed of other classes and the ability to cancel combo attacks in DS mode which pretty much make you invincible

Ideal set up for ADVANCED players:
- 3 SP recycle cards converted from weapon that grants a second useful ability. Look out for skills like attack up, blaze ds, critical attack up
- 2 critical attack up +5 & a heretic brief armor card --> farm for a silver traitor card that grants 2 critical attack up which only cost 15
- Critical power up x 2 --> legbiter card found on extra quest "Searching the sograt"
- Orcish Trans from Orc Shaman rare 10 cards

The basic idea for this build is to spam DS mode and enhance its power greatly. This is a general build and should be combined with unique skills from epic weapons. Nevertheless, you can also mix & match with various cards to bring out more powerful effects. (eg Orcish trans + blaze ds)

Last words:

Before my save is corrupted, my assassins is using this weapon card

"Feoh Radiant Servant" card which has SP recycle + attack up level 5 (Silver - cost 10)
"Scorpion Hammer Card" card which has SP recycle + Critical attack up (Bronze - cost 15)

These weapons are found in extra quest from the map Sograt desert, particularly those maps with bosses like "Illusion in the sand" etc

Try this build for yourself and see its power. If you have any questions, post it here and i will try my best to answer them. Very sorry that i can't contribute more because i lost my save..

User Info: ExceptionL

5 years ago#2
basically my assassin set up. I have the sp recycle cards if anybody wants. psn name is in sig.
PSN:(ps3/vita) Exceptionl

User Info: Imtiaz_

5 years ago#3
Sent you a friend request ExceptionL. I would greatly appreciate the sp recycle cards.
PSN: Imtiaz
White Knight Chronicles 2- GR23 Lvl 80 Bow/Divine

User Info: lukos004

5 years ago#4
got any card with recycle and def up?

User Info: angmodurian

5 years ago#5
lukos004 posted...
got any card with recycle and def up?

Haha actually you don't need def up at all. Go full offensive for this build because the DS mode will help leech HP and eliminates limitation on AP so you can attack forever. I will share those cards if i have my save... :(

User Info: Landryll

5 years ago#6
Hi exceptional...i will wish to have the Sp recycle too.
My PSN: Landryll76

Many Thanks

User Info: Fuwada

5 years ago#7
lol how can you get your save corrupted?
you didnt backup online?
PSN: ZyuuFuwada

User Info: TwistedLoki

5 years ago#8
Hey Exception. I've sent you a friend request. Can I get a copy of your SP card/s? Much appreciated :). My luck hasn't been too good with loot but I'm sharing anything good I get through out the days.

psn - twistedloki

User Info: Fuwada

5 years ago#9
also, orcish trans is better than blaze ds?
PSN: ZyuuFuwada

User Info: SinXSword

5 years ago#10
can you share me the card sir? my PSN is j3d1s0n i think i am in your friendlist already
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