How to Super Train ur skills

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User Info: paulboh2remake

5 years ago#1
How to Super Train ur skills, Goku style.

First by training ur skills, it means Defeating Bosses and monsters without getting hit once or dieing.

And doing it with good gear defeats the point

So i suggest using full -Hp lv 5, -att lv 5, -Ap lv5, -Tension, - Everything and mass stack them.

so that ur REAL SUPER WEAK.

Now go fight the most annoying quest of all time where there are waves of lame hitting monsters in a small room.

And keep trying and trying till ur able to kill 1 of them. then aim for killing 1 without dieing, then killing 1 without getting hit.

and u get the idea.
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User Info: Element_Pearl

5 years ago#2
Not sure if serious.
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User Info: DuDuDu10101

5 years ago#3
i already do that man, since everything that i get is so bad, it's red on every stat so i live with it

cleric weapon with red dmg, shrunken sanc, reduced healing = pro healer
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User Info: MournfulLust

5 years ago#4
If there were no time limit, it would at least be possible. Though getting 8 cards each with 2 negative skills would be extremely difficult and isn't worth the time.

I'm not going to waste time to super train my skills; I need more time to super train my equipment.
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User Info: paulboh2remake

5 years ago#5
by the time u can finish every single quest with negative Stats, u will be as good as daigo the beast.

super parry all attacks
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User Info: twylight777

5 years ago#6
someone has been hitting the paint fumes
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User Info: Noctis3880

5 years ago#7
Useless idea IMO. The reason people die to bosses is because they're not familiar with their attacks. Fighting huge swarms of mobs and fighting a boss are two different things requiring different tactics and perhaps even a different class. People will also find things that work for them, there is no "one" solution.

I personally find that against huge numbers of swarms, running away, then using the air version of Magnus on a Cleric takes care of that problem nicely. I found the Cleric to be good for Surt as well since he doesn't move an inch.

Stuck on Hrungnir right now, but I suspect the Mage is my answer for that little problem.

User Info: HoIlywood

5 years ago#8
I played the game all multiplayer when the game first came out, and boy did I struggle hard when my party couldn't handle a boss. But farming bosses offline has made me a better player I think, I die way less often anyway
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