Legbiter Refinement Question

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User Info: Pots_Togo

4 years ago#1
Just wondering if Legbiter weaps follow the7/8-8/9-9/10 skill increase rules, or if they had a different pattern when refining to increase skills.

User Info: Gokotsu

4 years ago#2
If it doesn't possess a rune, or is not part of either Peorth or Wyadd, it follows the 7/8/9 rule.
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User Info: Pots_Togo

4 years ago#3
Its a crit pow up lv 4 & lv 3. I saved it at lv 7 and have been trying for the entire day now, not a single lv up... thanks for the info, was hoping I wasnt wasting time, just bad luck i guess...

User Info: Unknown_PC

4 years ago#4
Just keep at it, it's only a 1% chance for 7 -> 8, definitely the most difficult part. Could take a good 3 hours on average.
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User Info: Megatonfbomb

4 years ago#5
yea takes a long ass time, but it does work, so just keep at it
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