Luck Shift

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User Info: MetalKirby

4 years ago#1
Can anyone please near me a card with Luck Shift? I've been farming 7-2 for quite awhile now and all the Alp Leshy cards don't want to come with it.

PSN ID: Thedah


User Info: HappyFrisbees

4 years ago#2
I'm not on my PSV at the time but I suggest fighting the lizard boss. It spawns Alp Leshy continuously and you can kill those for the card.

User Info: Paradox_Knight

4 years ago#3
Do you still need it or are you even on to begin with? That's my question.

Can't really send a card unless you're on or accepting friend request. That is, if you still need the Luck Shift to begin with.
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User Info: MetalKirby

4 years ago#4
Sorry, something came up and I couldn't respond. Anyways, I managed to get the card from your near.

Thanks, really appreciate it.

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