Pre-endgame Sword Warrior Farming Build!

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User Info: PeeEssTriple

4 years ago#1
I know this isn't the best build in the world, but I wanted to share with everyone my playstyle and found a pretty decent combination of cards for use at low levels of play, until you start extracting weapon cards and farming post-game bosses in extra missions.

The card build is pretty simple

2x Raydric Card(s) "Natural Killer" Cost 25; R10 Effect +30% Crit Hit rate, +20% Crit Hit damage, reduced HP loss during DS Mode + DS Blaze (not sure by how much exactly, I'm thinking it's the DS Blaze damage and the DS Safe HP drain rate for each)

1x Hjahanir Card "Hjahanir Edge" Cost 10; R7 Allows you to shoot out weak-damaging beams with regular TTTTT attacks, and reduces your attack animation delay by an enormous an added Bonus in DS Mode the beams deal around 300 damage each for me and can hit large bosses multiple times- you can even use this to farm Surt/Hjahanir

1x Guardian Card "Special Work" Cost 20; R7 Boosted SP gain with a minor SP Recycle effect

1x Domovoi Card "Scavenger Hunt" Cost 20; R6 Boost Item drop rate from normal monsters (this is for when you're farming)

Cost 100/100, cards used 6/8

Now with that said there are better options for the Domovoi Card, obviously- but this is all I have for now...

When I'm not using the Domo card, I'm using...


1x Desert Wolf Cub Card "Super Duper Peppy!" Cost 15; R7 Effect seems to give you god-like HP and AP regen among some other stuff

Plus the following...

1x Desert Wolf Card Cost 10; R5 Improved AP Recovery, Crit hit damage +20%


2x Bronze Ing Balmung Cost 5; R(don't have one yet so not sure) Effect SP Economy + SP Recycle

Or basic 5 or 10 cost Berserk 5 or Atk 5 cards, this part is flexible, there are good options for a 5 cost card, like a 5 cost 1x SP Recycle 1x/Atk. Up/HP

So what does this build feel like?

Well on paper with the farming build you have

Max attack speed delay reduction
High AP and HP regen
SP Recycle x3 (one from "Special Work" and 2 from Bronze Ing Balmungs)
Boosted SP and Tension gain

Lightning fast attacks, enters DS Mode very quickly, dishes out decent crit damage, has a 20 Card Cost flexibility, hits large targets multiple times for several hundreds of extra bonus damage from Hjahanir Card.

No, it doesn't do as much damage as a perfect Assassin Build, or have the utility of a LE Wargods Blessing Hammersmith DS build, but this build is easy to farm, and easy to play!

User Info: calamityflare

4 years ago#2
can anyone confirm natural killer stacks? that sounds....broken. Would love if it does; if so, can one stack three times?
---"That's odd, is my vassal talking back to me?" -Laharl, Disgaea anime
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User Info: PeeEssTriple

4 years ago#4
Try stacking two for yourself, they're pretty easy to get.

Stacking 3 wouldn't be cost effective, you get crit damage cap after adding in a crit damage Lv3 card, and your crit rate is already at 60%, which is more than enough for Hjahanir Edge procs and your TTTTT spam. The 20 cost "Special Work" Guardian card,while not optimal, helps build up SP almost instantly after exiting DS Mode with 75% meter (3x recycle from some source). I'm sure I could replace it but right now I'm using a Lagu Elfin Bow with AP Efficiency + SP Recycle, and a placeholder Desert Wolf Cub Card "Super Duper Peppy!" which I want to eventually replace with some other SP Recycle + X card and a Lv2 crit atk up Lv2 crit damage up 10 cost desert wolf card. I'm in the process of optimizing this Sword Warrior exclusive build!

The addition of having a Muramasa with some sick ass stats, like Brandish + Lv5 Berserk/Devotion- if that exists would it be the perfect weapon, it would give you capped crit rate, capped crit rate damage, near capped attack + Hjahanir Edge spam for several thousands of damage on large bosses like Surt and Grendel)

So 2 Raydric "Natural Killer" Cards would = 50 cost for

+60% crit rate
+40% crit damage
DS Blaze x2
Safe DS x2 (not sure here, because it says DECREASES hp lost during DS mode)

1x Desert Wolf Card R9 crit atk up lv2 crit damage up lv2 for 10 cost would put you at 66% crit (pretty good) and 55% crit damage increase which is only 5% off cap (good enough)

So for 60 cost you have a very damaging build, and the rest can be whatever you want it to be...right now I'm only using Super Duper Peppy! because it makes deadly poison and burn only hurt me for 1 damage per tick because my HP regenerates so quickly. I also regenerate the amount of AP required for a single jump during the time I'm falling back down

So I'm still in the process of optimizing this build *deleted previous for clarification*

User Info: calamityflare

4 years ago#5
interesting, thanks for the info. I got super duper peppy a while ago, but I thought the description was stupid for 15 cost; obviously it has more uses than I expected. I'll ahve to make use of that next time I take on Loki.
---"That's odd, is my vassal talking back to me?" -Laharl, Disgaea anime

User Info: Miiyaaa

4 years ago#6
getting a weapon withds blaze is good too
PSN: Yukkurorios

User Info: PeeEssTriple

4 years ago#7
Already at the DS Blaze cap with 2x Raydric Cards, so it's not necessary :P I hit normals for 700 and DS Mode crits for 1.6k + 300 x 2-4 on Surt or other large/long bosses- so anywhere from 2.2k damage to 2.8k damage per swing due to Hjahanir Edge hitting multiple times

User Info: Noctis3880

4 years ago#8
Could you near me a raydric card? I can't seem to get one. Been farming Tomb - Flower for half an hour now but only got the lower rank cards.

PSN is SacrificialBias

Also, I hear Magnum Break on a weapon can be upgraded to Natural Killer. Don't know if it's true since the refining is trolling me too. But if it is, that sounds like a good way to shave off 25 cost for something else, maybe another Scorpion Armor Lvl 3(that one is trolling me too).

User Info: ronsocute124

4 years ago#9
i apreciate your post hahaha keep inspiring people toplay this game have fun ^^
like me or hate me,either way ill be on your timeline.:)
currently playing ragnarok odyssey Mage&Hunter <3

User Info: PeeEssTriple

4 years ago#10
An update on my build

I just got my 2nd Ing Balmung with SP Econ + SP Recycle

2x Ing Balmung Card R10; SP Recycle + SP Econ, 5 cost each for 10 total

2x Raydric Card R10; Natural Killer, 25 cost each for 50 total

1x Hjahanir Card R7; Hjahanir Edge, 10 cost

1x Desert Wolf Card R9; Lv2 Crit Damage Up + Lv2 Crit Rate Up, 10 cost (there might be better options for this card, considering the negligible crit rate and crit damage increase from anything below Lv5 of either of these skills. Something worth swapping would be a 5 or 10 Cost Lv5 Crit Rate Up card)

1x Guardian Card R7; Special Work SP gain increase, + SP Recycle, 20 cost (there are tons of better options for this card but it's what I got right now)
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