Sharing DS Hjahnir Edge Build

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User Info: Eternux

4 years ago#1
Raydric Card Natural Killer
Hjahnir Hjahnir Edge
Orc Shaman Orcish Trance
Ing Balmung Sp Economy Sp Recycle x2
Legbiter Crit power up 5 x2
Scorpion Hammer Attack5 x2
Traitor Crit 5 x2 Silver or make legbiter silver

My weapon right now is
Peorth Balmung +9 141 Attk Crit 2 and Berserk 5

With this build i dealt 200-300 wave dmg to Grendel on Crushing Blow

If you guys can improve it that would be great
I think one Orcish Trance is 2 blaze ds withoutt hp thing im not sure
Btw tell me if this is good build

User Info: MournfulLust

4 years ago#2
Try something like this:

-Hjahanir Edge (10)
-Orcish Trans (10)
-Crit 5 x2 (20)
-Crit 5 x2 (20)
-Crit power up 5 x2 (15)
-Attack Up Lv.5, SP Recycle (15) [Ing Balmung Card]
-SP Economy, SP Recycle (5)
-SP Economy, SP Recycle (5)

With your weapon, you would have max critical rate, max critical power and max DS power. You could try taking something out and putting in Sword Aptitdue, thought Sword Aptitude does not affect the damage of the Hjahanir Edge.
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User Info: ROsocool

4 years ago#3
my half-DS build
Muramasa = Serial Attacks+Brandish
Kona Hraesvelgr = Queen of the Hills
(Or Hraesvelgr = Sky Conqueror)
Peorth Scorpion Hammer = HP Up Lv.5+Berserk Lv.1
Hjahanir Card = Hjahanir's Edge
Muramasa Card = Dainsleif Power Up Lv.3+Brandish
Scorpion Hammer Card = Attack Up Lv.5+Attack Up Lv.5 -->2 cards
Legbiter Card = Crit Power Up Lv.5+Crit Power Up Lv.5
Mann Legbiter Card = Crit Attack Up Lv.5 + Attack Up Lv.1
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