Nearing Cards Just Add Me

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User Info: HollowIchigo88

4 years ago#21
can i add you too...and do you have a crit atk x2 card that you can near me..and thank you again.
"Hentai Rules the World"

User Info: NIghtzXIII

4 years ago#22
Looking for a bronze hermit claw with Atk 5 double atk 3-5 card. Costs 20 cc if it has double atk 3.

If u have one, can u add me?
PSN ID: PD-Phoenix

User Info: warranties

4 years ago#23
I still haven't heard anything.

User Info: spankomycin

4 years ago#24
Tried to send a request but couldn't get through
PSN Spank-o-mycin

User Info: psychologeist

4 years ago#25
I have sent a friend request
PSN: parallelogremlin
(message deleted)
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