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User Info: Keith60153

4 years ago#1
Is there another good card that gives you crit power+5 and crit +5?

User Info: NIghtzXIII

4 years ago#2
Not really. Legbiter is used cause its cheap cc. 15- bronze, 10- silver, 5- gold.
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User Info: jhunev

4 years ago#3
man legbiter
if you want
crit atk 5 / crit damage 5

but don't know exactly where to get it
if i recall, got mine from 10-7 orc shaman but as a quest reward
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User Info: The_ORLY_Owl

4 years ago#4
Any desert quest should drop them. I got one from Valzrok Dilemma and a second from Sand, Heat and Giants. You need to get at least a single double refine though, I've only seen them come at 3/3 and not 4/3. It can take a while.
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