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User Info: ognirg999

4 years ago#1
Raydric R10 Natural Killer
Legbiter (Refine) Maximize + Crit Power 5 -
Ing Balmug (Refine) SP Economy + SP Recycle
Arc Wand (Refine) SP Recycle + SP Recycle
Scorpion Hammer (Refine) Attack UP 5 + HP UP 5
Othel Sporangium (Refine) HP Up 5 + Splash Potion

does these weapon cards can be neared? pls help me have those
any help will be very much appreciated thnx in advance

R.O. rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

User Info: jjeerryyonly9

4 years ago#2
I've got Natural Killer if ya want to add me.
PSN: RadKickAss /// 3DS: 0662-2594-4115

User Info: NIghtzXIII

4 years ago#3
All but Arc wand can be neared, sorry.
PSN ID: PD-Phoenix

User Info: jhunev

4 years ago#4
Add me i have eco recycle
PSN: jhune_villarete

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