Location of CritAttk/CritPow Mann Legbiter(?)

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User Info: BlackFellow

4 years ago#1
The "desert quests" answer is a bit vague.
I would like to know EXACTLY where some of you have managed to get this. Try my luck in some of YOUR farming spots rather than simply doing a bonanza of desert quests...
I've run into many Mann Legbiters through Sand,Heat& Giants, and they're all either junk or teasers, like CritAttk/CritPowDown. That one hurt...

Also, the exact location of where anyone might have found a gold/silver variant of the Attkx2/-Attk/Hp Scorpion hammer. I unfortunately must find one in gold or two in silver...

Just trying to gather up some results and base my searching around them.
Currently switching off between Sand,Heat,&Giants & Valzrok's Dilemma.
Results are futile...
PSN: Mawcuz

User Info: The_ORLY_Owl

4 years ago#2
I got one from spamming Valzrok Dilemma for blood red claw. And one from Sand, Heat and Giants as well. Basically the fastest quest would probably be doing Valzrok Dilemma.
Work is punishment for failing to procrastinate effectively.

User Info: ayashiboi

4 years ago#3
To be honest, all the desert drops are really the same. Make sure you're hunting a stage where it's exclusively desert monsters. So if you were to do orcish stars, the orc king/hero would actually drop non-desert tier weapons.

The skillset is random with a certain % of which skill will show up more frequently. Anyone who has a heap load of weapon can attest to which skills are more common than others on weapons.

So, unfortunately there is no "real" hotspot for farming certain skillset on a weapon. Just gotta hope luck is on your side while you are farming :P
Though I do suggest doing fast boss-only desert map, like orc shaman in valzrok. It only takes a min or two, and on average you'll get 2 desert-tier weapons per run.

User Info: Voiced408

4 years ago#4
Got two of mine from 10-6. The Raydric quest.
RO: Nagi

User Info: BlackFellow

4 years ago#5
Managed to get one from Sand, Heat, & Giants.
Still switching back & forth between Valzrok & Sand Heat, w/ a hint of 10-6.
Done 8.6mil zeny worth of these quests(w/ weapon sales), w/ the Legbiter found around 6mil zeny acquired over the course of 4 days. So over the desert quests...
Must find one more along w/ my needed gold/silver goodies... -.-

PSN: Mawcuz
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  3. Location of CritAttk/CritPow Mann Legbiter(?)

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