What's so bad about Miis?

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User Info: jakesaysknee

5 years ago#1
Is it really that bad that almost everyone uses them?
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User Info: Cervosi

5 years ago#2
People are mad that a customized Mii can have better stats than their favorite mario character.

That's why.
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User Info: Whiteout_2

5 years ago#3
I just hate how they completely outclass the Mario characters in the game when it is a MARIO game, not a mii game.
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User Info: gamestar3000

5 years ago#4
same scenario with the GB games: Non mario character taking up the main focus of the game, and being beyond overpowered compared to the rest of the cast.
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User Info: CWtennis

5 years ago#5
Ya it'd be different if the well customized Mii's were on the same level as Mario characters but they are in their own tier to the point where if your opponent knows what they are doing, it's essentially impossible to win.
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User Info: gamestar3000

5 years ago#6
They should have taken the mario and sonic london approach: Everything adds on or takes away from your stats, although I have been able to come up with a few combos here and there that have close to 4/5 in most areas
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User Info: SILKA

5 years ago#7
Well one thing that grinds my gears is the male ones look like John Cena rejects.
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User Info: Jenniferwhite23

5 years ago#8
mii's are lame they should made a seperate room just to play mii's only and another if you want to play any mario char
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