How is the download play?

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User Info: TheOneWhoPwnz

5 years ago#1
I was thinking about getting it and wanted to know if it had like MK7 dl (where you could pick all the courses but the dlers were shy guy and couldn't make a kart)?
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User Info: Meteordragon10

5 years ago#2
I don't remember seeing any options for "Download Play" in this game.

User Info: chrfour

5 years ago#3
You can do Download Play through Local Multiplayer. I've done it before; the person with the game opens a group and the other(s) play through the Download Play app. Available gameplay modes are singles/doubles Exhibition Matches, Ring Shot Challenge, and Super Mario Bros. Tennis. As for character selection, you can use your Mii, but with no customized costumes/equipment, and all of the Mario characters available at the start of a new file, with the option to Star any of the characters that the person has unlocked as a Star character. Neither player can select any of the QR characters.
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  3. How is the download play?

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