Kono gemu wa, honmono no faiya emuburemu jya nai.

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User Info: TheOthin

5 years ago#11
Anatawa baka desu.

User Info: king_darks

5 years ago#12
Kenichiwa Otakus! Hentai ecchi?> All the japanese i learned so far.
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User Info: Endgame

5 years ago#13
all the japanese I know I learned from wannabe japanese people on the internet, and pokémon names

fun fact: Haunter's japanese name is "Ghost", no no, not the japanese word for ghost, but "Ghost", the english word, they just took the english word "Ghost" and gave it to a pokémon

likewise, Hypno is "Sleep", Krabby is "Crab", Articuno is "Freezer", Zapdos is "Thunder", and Moltres is "Fire"

no, seriously, you can't make this **** up

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User Info: Heiedono

5 years ago#14
Clearly trying too hard, tc
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User Info: KillerPaladin

5 years ago#16
Wow, never bothered to look that up before. Sort of glad they just didn't rip animal/object names from the Japanese dictionary for the English release (there might be a few, but I can't really think of any right now).

User Info: stardust999

5 years ago#17
wakarimasen lol
In solitude, I am least alone.

User Info: PKStarwave

5 years ago#18
TheBlueAznGuy posted...
Faia emuburemu*

I lost it after reading this post.
A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever
~Shigeru Miyamoto

User Info: swablu

5 years ago#19
asobi wa owarida, nake!,sakebe,soshte shine
"this is bad"- she-hulk

User Info: Raulsen

5 years ago#20
Why the heck is TC using that kind of romanization? It's "Ja" not "Jya.". >_> Only Japan's official romanization system does that...

Tonikaku, kono sureddo ni wa, takusan no Nihongo ga aru! XD Subarashii to omou yo! Nihongo ga hontou ni suteki na gengo da ne!

Dakedo, ore mo romaji ga daikirai nan da ze! >_>
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