canonically who was the strongest character?

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  3. canonically who was the strongest character?

User Info: Emperor_mateus

5 years ago#21
Am I the only one who think Nergal gets the price for strongest character?

Never mind Ashera is probably the strongest, but Nergal was still kind of impressive. He would have defeated Athos if he did't bring Aureole and he would have killed Eliwood easily if Athos did't cast a shield.
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User Info: crunchy612

5 years ago#22
My money's still on Narga. Damn tome containing a smaaaaaal fraction of its power(okay, it took Julia being his avatar, but still) destroying Lopto and his own Avatar. Basically a god, he is.

Playable characters... Well, Levin is Holsety's avatar, Julia is Narga's... Then there are the manaketes.
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User Info: PKStarwave

5 years ago#23
-> Nobody mentions seth
-> is disappointed

Seth is a show in for practically being a god. I mean a character that trivializes a game (Sacred Stones) that much is clearly a god. How the **** did Valter even damage him with that spear lmao.


Seriously though Caineghis and Ike.
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User Info: hailnickgriffin

5 years ago#24
Wallace, he wiped out an entire race of bandits.

User Info: patapikachu

5 years ago#25
Loputouse? Just call it laptop.
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User Info: Endgame

5 years ago#26
L-O-P-T-O-U-S. LopUtousU is the most idiotic romanization of any name I've ever seen, and astonishingly, people actually kept his Engrish name, as if silent vowels weren't a thing.

well yeah, of course we kept it

that's how it's actually written in the game, in english, same reason we use "Holsety" instead of "Forseti", the name of the actual god

when Genealogy of Holy War gets an english release and they change the names, then we'll use the new names for the sake of not confusing the hell out of the newer players, no matter how much the new names don't make sense (was changing "Linda" to "Linde" really necessary?)
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  3. canonically who was the strongest character?

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