Best of the Best: Peggies

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User Info: SnarfAndSophie

5 years ago#1
Paladins: Seth
Swordmasters: Rutger
Knights- Oswin
Mages: Arthur
Heroes- Raven
Archers: FE10 Shinon
Bishops: Safy

GT: SnarfBoyWonder
Pokemon Black FC: 2064 8782 2340

User Info: McFastly

5 years ago#2
Official Donphan and PoliceMan Bob of the B/W 2 Boards and Black Club of the KI:U boards.

User Info: lordlugia_rocks

5 years ago#3
Official Shiftry of the B/W Boards! Grass type fanatic and proud of it! Lilligant and Shiftry ftw!
Pokemon Black FC: 2709-1474-4073

User Info: xGreekAcex714

5 years ago#4
THERES SO MANY. Too many. And all sorta similar...Hm...I'ma go with Palla also cause she ended up better than Est and Catria for me, and cause she has Green Hair.


User Info: Pitbuller_26

5 years ago#5
This should Catria vs. Palla.

My vote goes to FE12 Catria, although I can see Palla taking this round. They're both that good.

User Info: Look over there

Look over there
5 years ago#6
FE3 book 2 Paola

Availability? Joins at start of ch 3, out of 22.

Base stats? 10 Str/11 Skl/16 Spd/9 Luck/9 Def in a game with stat caps of 20. And WLvl of 12. There is no sword or lance in the entirety of FE3 that requires WLvl higher than 12. Those are ass kicking stats already.

Growths? 50% Str. 80% Skl. Looking awesome. 20% Speed and 10% Luck...ok, not awesome there, but you don't care about Spd since Paola already doubles non-Heroes for life here (as long as you're not using Javelins since they weigh 20, of course). And it's not a crime to not double Heroes when you're not Oguma/Navarre. 20% Def is average in FE3. So the Luck is her one long term weakness.

She's easily the best or second best melee unit (...while outdoors, of course) in FE3. Joins early, is great at join, and basically stays great through the rest of the game, though outshined by team Oguma/Navarre for the indoor battles.

User Info: Brave_Vesperia

5 years ago#7
Go Vancouver Canucks Go

User Info: liljml86

5 years ago#8
going for palla

only used the fe12 one but dear god that base spd and join time.
still due to player prefence i always had to use her, catria and caeda at the same time.

est never existed to me.
rather change that useless pink cav into a peggy then use est
Mr. President, even you can't stop a shooting star!!
Jodie, who am I? I'M THE PRESIDENT.

User Info: oggieman

5 years ago#9
I was never too impressed with Tanith herself, but I liked her reinforcement ability in PoR

User Info: Gin_Devil

5 years ago#10
The first one you get in FE7, I always get their names mixed up.
Resident evil1-3 are better then Resident evil 4-5
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