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User Info: Legend_Of_Inoue

5 years ago#1
So with this game coming out in the west early next year, now is a good time to prepare this board before the flood of newcomers arrive.

A number of recent discussions here have revealed a dark side to the fandom that really needs to be touched upon and it goes back to the topic of old fans vs new fans.

You are very lucky, with most titles being localized and released, it's pretty good being a Fire Emblem fan nowadays. You have sites like wikipedia/FEwiki and quality fansites like Serenes Forest and all that where basically anything you wanted to know about FE you could just find out or ask somebody about, somebody like me. It is very easy to access information and get news directly from sources like Japanese sites and magazines and also people willing to take time out to translate things and share on forums and so on.

You are pretty well off in a lot of ways because back then, you did have that but not to the extent that you do now and it was much easier for certain individuals to be, or at least think their word was law and make statements such as "Everyone, look at me! Listen to me because I'm a super-fan who can [barely] read Japanese!" and propagate [bogus] FE archetypes like "sucky lord syndrome" or something like that. Credibility was tough back then and you needed to be careful of which certain people you valued the opinion of over others.

It was one of the things that bothered me more than anything else was when such a delusional person thought their opinion holds more weight because they've been playing the games since the start or finished all the games on the hardest difficulty, so they know more than you or some such nonsense.

No. That is something I have always personally avoided as I realize there are FE fans who haven't played the old games and who probably never will get around to doing so for what ever reason. If it is a simple matter of time, such as "I like FE but I only have time to play one game, so I'll play Shadow Dragon or whatever game I can find/pickup in my local store", I understand. Or you want to only play all the localized games in order and are going through them slowly, I can understand that too. Basically I understand if you say you are probably never getting around to playing the old games, that's fine.

We all like to pretend that everyone has their own opinion and we respect them equally blah, blah, blah. Yeah, whatever. If you are being honest with yourself, when it really gets down to it, the fans you listen to or whose views you value most are the others who agree with you. 9/10 if they like things you like, you will value their opinion more. Even if they don't like the same stuff, you might still listen to them (and that's fair) but as far as their opinion really mattering?

If you share the same views, their opinion holds more meaning and for that reason, the people you listen and respect the most are not about how much they've played or how long they've been playing the series or even how much obscure merchandise they obsessively hoard, no. It has always been about how much you like.

Some person could have played FE for over 10 years and only legitimately liked 2-3 games (and maybe not even that) and the rest of the time complains they don't like this or that. As opposed to someone who just got into FE last year (or starts on the upcoming FE13), went on to play bits of FE8 and FE9, tried FE10 and liked them all but their favorite was Shadow Dragon...? That to me, the opinion of that person I will probably value more highly than the guy who's finished every FE game and only actually liked one.
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User Info: Legend_Of_Inoue

5 years ago#2
That's not to say you have to like every video game, nobody does. But there is a certain extent you can complain about something and that is the crux of this special lesson I'm giving you. An important part of being a fan of anything, especially with a small niche series like Fire Emblem, you have to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes over the stuff that you don't like.

For example, I think FE6 is the worst game in the series but at the same time, I can laugh at the fact that the reasons I don't like it is in no small part because I'm a fan of FE3 and the original FE1. Not to say the game doesn't have any problems of its own beyond that, it most certainly does, but there are lots of stuff in it I don't like mainly because I like how FE3/FE1 did it better. At the same time I can laugh at that, play FE6 and still have a good time because there are still things that I enjoy in this game. Even now I can sit down, look at the blue sky and think, "Let's play FE6". It's not like after the game first came out and I played it, I never wanted to even look at it again, it has completely destroyed my faith in a post-Kaga, un-Intelligent Systems... it's not like that at all.

So that's what I mean. You have to be able to see the funny side to your own dislike of something and that is the problem many current fans have, is that they take themselves too seriously. It doesn't reflect well on the FE fandom on the whole, particularly with the potential new players arriving soon.

I remember one guy in the past (who shall remain anonymous) who was willing to make stuff up just to make his pet-peeve FE game seem worse than it was. Discrediting it as a FE game, going off on game sales, claimed he worked at a game store in Japan and his supplier had shelves full of untouched copies or that sales were so bad Nintendo will go bankrupt. Think about that last one for a moment. Basically he didn't like that game and this carried over to the FE-related news he "translated" from Japanese with personal bias.

So when it comes to the issue of who to listen to online or anywhere really in real-life, ultimately you should always make up your own mind. You have a brain, use it. Listen to other fans, respect their opinions, but at the same time discover, think for yourself and, this may come as a revelation to some people, actually play the game yourself to form your own individual opinions.

It doesn't matter if you've been playing Fire Emblem all your life or you own every piece of FE-related merchandise in existence or done something ridiculous like played every game in reverse-order. It is always about passion. How much you enjoyed playing FE's unique take on SRPGs and how much of a sense of humor you are willing to have about your own hangups on things.

If you claim to be a fan, surely you must like all FE games to some degree. I have favorites, things I would change and some I don't like as much. At the end of the day there isn't a FE game that deserves to be hated so much you can never look at it or discount it from the franchise or other silly extremes. Life's too short to waste away on hating a game set in a fictional medieval world with magic and dragons.

In conclusion, keep on playing and enjoying Fire Emblem, talking about it and trying out other SRPGs too! There is a wealth of excellent titles already out there. Find what you can enjoy in them as there is merit in anything, something in every game that's worth praising in it, even Superman 64. There is no such thing as a completely worthless game in my mind. Unless it is E.T., you are welcome and have every right to hate that with all your heart.

If you manage to reach this point, take your time to re-read my entire lesson if necessary. It may take time to fully assimilate these ideas into your head.
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User Info: leetster

5 years ago#3
Why did you write all this?

User Info: SazukeEX

5 years ago#4
If you want to be a real Fire Emblem fan you need to learn to accept canon

Hector x Farina!

Look at Lilina, LOOK AT HER! She looks like a clone of Farina only with longer hair!
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User Info: Legend_Of_Inoue

5 years ago#5
leetster posted...
Why did you write all this?

I was bored. This is my gift to the fandom, Merry Christmas.
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User Info: rhys855

5 years ago#6
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User Info: NewbieN00b

5 years ago#7
I'm sorry, I'm usually a sucker for walls of text, anyway.




I just read it. It's a pretty good 'article'. yay. It must've been interesting being a fan before fan translations became more common.
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User Info: MidnightAzure

5 years ago#8
From: SazukeEX | #004
If you want to be a real Fire Emblem fan you need to learn to accept canon

Hector x Farina!

Look at Lilina, LOOK AT HER! She looks like a clone of Farina only with longer hair!

Who someone can use magic.
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User Info: dragonlordsd

5 years ago#9
Not bad. We could consider making this our manifesto.

Of course, as you said in the beginning, it's pretty good to be a fire emblem fan, but that's mostly because other fans are dedicated enough to make such great and comprehensive resources such as serenesforest and fe wikia.

User Info: Cheesepower5

5 years ago#10
SazukeEX posted...
If you want to be a real Fire Emblem fan you need to learn to accept canon

Hector x Farina!

Look at Lilina, LOOK AT HER! She looks like a clone of Farina only with longer hair!

Do you actually care this much about canon pairings or you just trollin'?

'Cause I don't think many of the posters here are the type to get riled up about that... What's far more important is remembering that Lilina is a terrible unit and that you should be using Lugh.
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