Would you support a chubby playable character in Fire Emblem?

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User Info: Sentinel07

4 years ago#61
Arrei posted...
So you made the Orange Knight, eh? Yeah, that's the thing about RD, with BEXP's guaranteed 3 skill-ups you can basically take any unit and make them viable. I typically hoarded BEXP for my endgame crew, though, to make them cap everything, so I was one who did not have effort to spare for Meg - not while making sure Micaiah got good levels and keeping Ed and Leo strong enough to actually help out, anyway.

Heh, I remember giving the Alondite to Mist just because no one else could use it, Mia having the Vague Katti and all.

Useful as Gatrie was, I ended up never using him in the tower, though. Nephenee got the Wishblade, and such.

Yeah, I generally give Mist Alondite should I bring her along. Wishblade always goes to the soldier I decided to raise (either Nephenee or Aran).

I found Gatrie to be a good unit, but I mostly end up passing over him, especially in Part 3 because I give so much more priority to other characters that he just ends up missing out.

User Info: ScottPillgrim20

4 years ago#62
MarthMoopa posted...
From: SazukeEX

I see enough Chubby people from just walking down the street. Let me at least have this fantasy for this game that the majority of people I meet are somewhat decent looking and aren't chubby/fat.

Chubby =/= fat

Chubby girls are hot

This guy,totally agree about the chubby girls thing.

User Info: Huff n puff 20

Huff n puff 20
4 years ago#63
I don't know what crack is going on, but I've benched Zihark immediately every time I've played RD and haven't had any trouble with HARD MODE (before you say -anything-) vs Laguz chapters.
I also use Aran.

And before you say anything stupid, theory means NOTHING before practice. You can make foolish claims on paper all day, but in the end, those numbers (the fabled Stat Averages) are based on the Gambler's Fallacy, and don't mean crap outside of PoR's terribl-- I mean fixed mode. Personal Experience Means Everything, you can have all the supposed data in the world, and it don't mean **** compared to the actual numbers in each individual game.
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User Info: Arrei

4 years ago#64
RD might be the exception that weakens the personal experience factor, though, barring astronomically bad luck.

Since you're guaranteed to get points in 3 different stats with BEXP, pretty much everyone has the potential to cap their stats - which means no matter who you go with they're probably going to end up strong and their base stats will play a huge factor in how useful they are.

User Info: 0Kira0

4 years ago#65
Personally, I think the biggest problems with is availability and her start.

For one, she's part of the Dawn Brigade, who have really really terrible availability in the game. And two, she starts off as a Level 1 Knight, on a chapter that is filled with Laguz. They really don't give you any time to actually level her safely, especially because they give you Sothe, Zihark and Tauraneo, all tier 2 classes, quite early. Then Tormod and his Tiger. So the enemies can be at least level 10 tier 1 classes.

Excuse my name spellings.

User Info: WiiFan77

4 years ago#66
No, it doesn't make sense, warriors get exercise from fighting.
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User Info: Shuo_Ragnarok

4 years ago#67
Moulder. Salted pork beware!
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User Info: Anema1986

4 years ago#68

to support the people who do nothing but eat and sit on a coach for hours?
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User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#69
WiiFan77 posted...
No, it doesn't make sense, warriors get exercise from fighting.

You know, in the Dark/Medieval ages if you were well off enough to get good and plump, you weren't likely to lose it all with just a season of marching and fighting, if that. The regular drills? Yeah, that wouldn't really help much.

What makes no f***ing sense is that Brom is a poor farmer with many, many children and he can still keep them all fat and jolly. Does this guy poop gold?
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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#70
coconutarmy1 posted...
There was the chubby guy in the origin fire emblem that fell in love with caeda, and when that didn't work out he went and rebuilt his country. Not derogatory on fat people necessarily, but did get rejected by the girl.

He is more on a furthest edge of being friendzoned more than rejected
Caeda makes it REALLY clear she actualy likes the guy, the same thing she shows to Castor/Ogma/Navvare. Sadly Roger happen to fall with a girl who fell in love with frigging Marth

Anyway I don't mind ugly looking characters as long as they are not boring
For example, Gonzalez is ugly, but the support make him adorable
Real Metal bounces their breast. Deal with it
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