Would you support a chubby playable character in Fire Emblem?

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User Info: FBike1

4 years ago#91
Sorry for the bump.

User Info: Lynxx_XVI

4 years ago#92
Ok. First of all, I really liked brom. He's fat, but that isn't focused on or made into a joke. Also he's a good unit.

Second, you can be a fat fighter. Fights don't take long, and though it seems like it, our heroes probably fought like once every couple of days, with travel and sometimes months of rest in between. And the small skirmishes they are usually in would in all reality take minutes, to possibly an hour of hard fighting. Plus, brom and meg have a slow, deliberate fighting style, which conserves energy. Armor, while not light, isn't exactly debilitatingly heavy considering the weight is distributed.

Look at sumo. Very powerful, muscled and fat. A FE knight could function much the same way. Bursts of energy tempered by conservation and downtime.

Plus lots of food.
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User Info: FoxFluff

4 years ago#93
It's totally viable, it's silly to say it wouldn't happen. It's all in the diet and back story. If the character is a "slow fighter" type, the way a knight would be, it's actually more likely.

A lot of chubby and heavier people are actually very, very strong. They're not as agile, and you need to remember that there are different layers of fat where you can lack muscle definition but have a lot of it there. Also look at sumo wrestlers.

You wouldn't have a myrmidon character with that body build, but you could most certainly have a strength-based class or a mage class character while being believable. It's why Ilyana is a mage and not a knight, and Brom isn't an assassin. But now I want to see them in those roles, lol.

User Info: BlueSophia

4 years ago#94
Damien94 posted...
BlueSophia posted...

Quite the opposite. Chubby folks are more than likely to show up than your average superman. This is due to the diet being maintained. For the average bodybuilder diet, you would be exercising regularly, but your diet is largely stuff that has low fat to protein ratio like lean beef and fish. Basically, no fat.

In the middle ages, this diet does not exist and people ate it all, fat and the like. Forget about the women, the men were no slouches in bodyweight either. Your viewpoint is unrealistic because back then, the dietitian did not exist. In addition, the Olympian figures did not come from work, but nonstop exercise and training. The likelihood of the slim combatready female is a modern concept, not a reality.

1) We're not just talking about females.

2) You're incorrect. You are right that the majority of nobility and privileged people were chubby/over-weight. But they were never the ones doing any of the fighting. And the few that were weren't out of shape. I can't believe that someone would seriously suggest that just because they didn't have atkins, nutrition tags and weight-watchers that soldiers were overweight.

The point completely flew over your head. Even if you were to consider the amount of exercise that they have, it still wouldn't justify that they would look like the pretty pictures and suchlike that would be depicted. Muscles would still be present in abundance, but in most of those cases, they would also come with a layer of fat as well. Exercise doesn't burn off all the fat, not with the diet that they are used to.

There is also the common misconception that soldiers were in and of themselves, common. In general, anything within the region of the knights are off the board since they generally ate well seeing as they were interim landlords. Soldiers on the other hand were more dubious, but they wouldn't meet the image either because it would be far more likely for them to be thinner and less prominent than you would describe. The rest, would be conscripts which would be peasants or mercenaries with the former being of varying levels of physique to the latter where it would skew to the former or latter, but rarely to the god physique. The Olympian build is one that was heralded, but required constant maintenance and was largely considered improbable (even by the people that heralded it).

The point is, the Olympian physique is unrealistic. They were strong and physically prepared, yes. But their diet would skew towards the chubbier-husky build to the thinner-scrawnier build.
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User Info: TexasKyou

4 years ago#95
Yes, as long as they don't solely base the character around being fat. I hate it when they do that. Also have an interesting and inspiring personality.

I like Thor from History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, the way he doesn't use his weight as a crutch and his goal in life is to basically make the world see fat men as beautiful

User Info: kenneth_velez

4 years ago#96
So you want a superchub that is serious and a warrior like Kingpin from the Daredevil comics or do you want like Gimli the Dwarf from the Tolkien books?

Female Olympian Weightlifters are a good mix of muscle and weight. Holley Mangold is a very big woman (cute as a button though) that can lift more than I can right now.

Without delving into what Subcutaneous fat is and that sumo wrestlers have it rather than the mass of visceral fat that surrounds most peoples mid sections, I think if done properly and in an informed way I would support a chubby character.

User Info: NovaWill

4 years ago#97
There's quite a few chubby or fat characters in Fire Emblem.

Roger from FE1.
Bors from FE6.
Brom from FE9.
Meg and Oliver from FE10.
Kellam from FE13. You can see it in his face shape, but his body build makes me questiont his. Oh well.

All of them are either chubby or fat and still not as ugly as Makalov. So the world is good!

User Info: soma2035

4 years ago#98
NoName999 posted...
keybladeLord125 posted...
I still don't understand the Meg hate. Sure, she isn't your conventional knight/general, and you need to baby her a little, but she's still a great unit.

She was part of a group in which EVERYONE needed babying.

Nolan. Arguably Zihark / Aran.

Also Black Knight and Nailah but I guess those two don't really count.
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User Info: fi3rcedragon

4 years ago#99
Well, to be fair, Meg wasn't the only bad unit in Radiant Dawn.

In fact, a majority of the Dawn Brigade were complete crap, like Fiona or Leonardo.

User Info: OCShoes

4 years ago#100
My condition is that they're usable with moderate amounts of effort. Meg is a borderline chubby character that I would consider taking more than a moderate amount of effort, so while I don't hate her I still basically ignore her.

Then again, (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) if I remember correctly chubby playable characters tend to be skewed towards knights (except for Loliver, that I can think of) and I barely if ever use knights, so not being a knight would be a secondary case by case condition.
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