Does anyone else hate archers?

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  3. Does anyone else hate archers?

User Info: BigMeatyClawz

4 years ago#11
Archers suck TC is right. Shinon is the exception to the rule, but the rule still work and makes sense.

User Info: Monoculus

4 years ago#12
>hatin' on the 3-13 Archer
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User Info: itachi134

4 years ago#13
BigMeatyClawz posted...
Archers suck TC is right. Shinon is the exception to the rule, but the rule still work and makes sense.

Rebecca? Wil? Rath? (if nomads count)

FE 7 was the archer game though. None of the other games had a super good archer like that except FE 10 Shinon.
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User Info: Jstretch19

4 years ago#14
Archers are only really bad if you're playing for LTC.
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User Info: Sain_of_Caelin

4 years ago#15
Yeah, Archers are terrible. They do have their uses but being locked to a ranged only weapon makes them probably the worst class.

User Info: wolfei132

4 years ago#16
i think archers are pretty solid, especially in higher difficulty FE's due to their anti air. i can only imagine how useful Virion will be in lunatic/lunatic+ against enemy wyverns or pegasi (the latter of which will have enough speed to double pretty much everyone i'm sure..)

User Info: arvilino

4 years ago#17
They aren't always good. They are only ever useful when the enemy are strong(FE6 and FE11,FE12, FE13 higher difficult Modes and above) or FE10 where they're only good when they promote to third tier.

The higher the enemy stats the more useful Archers become, conversely the more enemies there are in general the less useful they are.

User Info: Taro_Tanaka

4 years ago#18
I just think that magick classes are better in general than archers. They have the long range attack, but can also defend themselves at close range. I've always loved the animations and crit animations of mages...


Mage Crit:


Sage Crit:
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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#19
shinon is a poor man's rolf.
but awesome,regardless...unless you are talking abou FE9,where shinon sucks

both will and rebecca were awesome,high hit,good strength,dodged and doubled like crazy.
neimi usually ends similarly to them,but a little worse.
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User Info: BlueSophia

4 years ago#20
Most of the hate stems from the inability to attack and yet they have so much more for benefits. FYI, if you are playing the "everyone for themselves" game, you are indeed doing it wrong.

-They are consistently faster than most units.
-Their defenses are adequate and decent enough to survive hits from both sides.
-They are strong vs flyers.
-They are better equipped to fight at range and are more map friendly.
-They are one of the best magekillers classes.
-Unaffected by any weapon triangle.

Of course there is the other thing, namely that bows are not unique to Snipers. But they tend to not come with the same benefits.

Personally, I want a bow general.
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  3. Does anyone else hate archers?

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