Does anyone else hate archers?

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  3. Does anyone else hate archers?

User Info: PKRockin531

4 years ago#101
My main beef with Archers is that they are so situational, I can't think of any moment where an Archer really shines. There's some hilarious things like recruiting Faval then having him OHKO Ishtar on the same turn, then he turns to a life of mediocrity as he can't keep up with mounted units.

Other situational moments are something like, Gordin/Warren/Ryan with a forged Steel Bow on Maniac/Lunatic mode for early game FE12. Or Jeorge and Parthia killing things in Ch.9, which is actually useful because the next desert chapter you slap Excalibur on Etzel or Merric and hooray, they're an Archer with enemy phase.

As a note I do love the Longbow and am glad for the few chapters where I can do things because of it I wouldn't be able to reliably otherwise, if Archers upon promotion got a +1 to their range(making normal bows have 2 - 3 range and Longbows have 2 - 4) then I'd definitely consider using them.

User Info: VerityBugg

4 years ago#102
Sain_of_Caelin posted...
From: VerityBugg | #099
I really can't understand why people are getting so upset that people like using archers. Archers fit well into the way some people play and poorly for how others play. The logic of it doesn't really matter since it's mostly just player preference. So instead of getting angry just enjoy the way you play and let others enjoy the way they play.

It's not that others like Archers, that's fine. But saying you like a class and saying the class is good are two different things:

I like using iron swords.


Iron swords have more might than steel swords.

While iron swords may have less might than steel swords, they cost less, have more durability, and more hit. You can buy 4 iron swords for the price of 3 steel and end up with 180 more attack and 135 hit overall. Having higher strength doesn't mean something weaker is completely useless. Just because other classes are better in certain situations, doesn't mean the archer is a bad class.

You have your opinion on the matter and I have mine. Neither is right since it's purely subjective. While I respect your opinion on this, it's not going to chance mine. Everyone thinks differently yeah? So arguing about it really isn't going to change anything.

User Info: Sain_of_Caelin

4 years ago#103
No, not bad. But worse than most of the others.

User Info: OCShoes

4 years ago#104
katella posted...
Taro_Tanaka posted...
Ok, so why not use a swordsmaster for their high crit rate?

Because people need excuses to make particular classes look good. Archers were actually really good in RD; endgame allowed them to attack 1-3 range with crazy mount but thats about it.

That pretty much sums up my feelings about archers. RD is the only game I ever found them genuinely useful in, don't really care for them otherwise.
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User Info: -DunnoBro

4 years ago#105
Archers make mystery emblem on lunatic and higher modes easier. So many friggin fliers...

But even then, you never keep them as archers forever. I like archers, especially in PoR/RD.
They should give them more niche stuff to do with bows though, like maybe instead of a longbow, a bow which lets them be a move-againer. They don't have a lot of movement, so i don't think it'd be too bad. Maybe restrict it to half of their unused movement if it gets too broken to use all of it.

Moving just 1 space after a bow use would be really nice.

User Info: WestbrickIII

4 years ago#106
VerityBugg posted...
You have your opinion on the matter and I have mine.

This isn't an opinion -- it's a testable claim about combat performance. And outside of extremely specific instances, your claim is demonstrably wrong.
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User Info: Pentao

4 years ago#107
Archers are the least versatile combat class in the game. Every other combat class has access to ranged weapons as it is, so they're almost always regulated to clearing the skies or poking a few enemies, since they're A LOT harder to raise than most other classes.

It's not like Advance Wars where ranged units are incredibly good.
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User Info: steepcircle

4 years ago#108
I hated archers the FE games until I recently started a playthrough of H5 mode in shadow dragon a few days ago. I've come to pretty much rely on walling off and dealing with most things with mages and archers.
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  3. Does anyone else hate archers?

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