How are you going to design your MU?

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  3. How are you going to design your MU?

User Info: saborzero

4 years ago#31
Name: Zane or Vincent
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black, Purple, or Blue (depends on my mood that day)
Class: Myrmidon/Swordmaster
Spouse: Cordelia or Tharja
Asset: Str
Flaw: Mag
PSN: JArcane -- XBL: ArcShawdow Currently Playing: LoL (PC) UMVC3(360) P4G(Vita)TTT2(PS3) Halo 4 (360) AC:B(360)

User Info: saleonkennedy

4 years ago#32
Rethalwolf posted...
saleonkennedy posted...
Name: Haar
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Class: Dragon knight
Asset: Strength
Flaw: magic

Tch. Cherche is cool n hot n all but DAMN you just made me so sad she's not Jill.
if haar was in the game, him and jill would get together but nope.. Why would they not include those two?
gamertag: SALeonKennedy
Don't speak evil of someone you don't know for certain, and if you do know ask yourself, why am I telling it?-Johann Kasper Lavater

User Info: mrRob201

4 years ago#33
BlueSophia posted...
Name: Dr. Who
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Red
Class: General
Spouse: Libera
Asset: Defense
Flaw: Magic

The doctor wants to be ginger!

As for mine:

Name: Rob or Bob
Gender: Male
Hair color: Not sure, I'm ganna see my choices and then see which I like more, and which will look better on Wood.
Class: All of them buwahahahhaha!
Spouse: Liz
Asset: Speed
Flaw: Luck
"You shall not pass............Gas!"

User Info: BishtrainerTai16

4 years ago#34
Im trying to avoid info on the game to keep it mostly a surprise, but there's no skin color option for your avatar?
|B|I|L|L|Y|C|O|E|N| anti-drug.

User Info: Mzr89

4 years ago#35
Name: Malcolm
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Class: Hero
Spouse: Cordelia
Assest: Strength
Flaw: Magic

User Info: Afrotastic_J

4 years ago#36
Name: Starrk
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Class: Archer or Mage. Maybe Myrmidon.
Spouse: You can get married in this game? 0_o
Asset: Luck, probably.
Flaw: Magic.
"I... am... KROGAN!" -- Urdnot Grunt

User Info: ZetachiDeQues

4 years ago#37
Name: Zetachi
Gender: Male
Hair color: Silver/White
Class: Grandmaster (likely bouncing through a good number of other classes of course)
Spouse: Lucina
Asset: Magic
Flaw: Luck

You know you have a true friend when you can make them be your Noble Phantasm

User Info: Gnosblax

4 years ago#38
Name: Robin (I really like the default this time since it's one of the names I frequently use).
Gender: Female
Hair color: Silver-white or Red (in a ponytail)
Class: Grandmaster (I wanna try it out on my first playthrough)
Spouse: Chrom
Asset: Magic
Flaw: dunno, maybe Luck

User Info: lilin08

4 years ago#39
I'm going make a female file first so

Name: Alexa (tentative)
Gender: Female
Hair color: Red (Want to try other colors than my usual black or brown hair in customization)
Class: Tactician > Grandmaster or Swordmaster
Spouse: Riviera
Asset: HP (or Spd)
Flaw: Luck
3DS FC: 1246-9831-6589

User Info: Iffy_Jottere

4 years ago#40
Name: Haven't decided, maybe my real name, but probably an iteration of my GameFAQs handle

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Green
Class: Tactician
Spouse: Panne
Asset: Speed
Flaw: Defense
"The wages of sin is death... but the hours are good." ---Psycrow, Earthworm Jim cartoon
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