what is with all of you trolls hating on casual mode

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  3. what is with all of you trolls hating on casual mode

User Info: AtmosOmega

4 years ago#191
WestbrickIII posted...

Didn't read the topic / doesn't have the intelligence to understand the topic, decides to post an angry insult anyway. This is the kind of tripe I'd expect on YouTube comments.

Angry insult aside, he's quite right.
Let me refresh your memory.

I'll be honest -- I don't consider Casual Mode to be a huge deal, but it does detract from the experience, an experience I'd much rather newcomers face in full.

*YOU* would prefer them to experience it that way?
Why the hell does it matter to you?
You get to choose your experience, they get to choose theirs.

That's how a "mode" works.

Is their experience somehow infringing or degrading yours?
No? Then it's empty pretense, no matter how well-intended.

If someone else wants to play risk-free, that is THEIR choice to make, and theirs alone, your preference be damned.

The only way the existence of other players could degrade your experience is if the game caters solely to them. And it doesn't here.

WestbrickIII posted...
Tit-for-tat. I'll stop if you stop.

If you find your company beneath you, why linger?
If you chastise them for their insults, why insult them in turn?

It's less Tit-for-Tat and more Hypocrite.
If you don't like what a gaming company is trying to force upon you and the market, don't buy that company's games.
Cruel DRM can only flourish if you let it.

User Info: Wandering__Hero

4 years ago#192
You just BUMPED this thread and kept it going, don't you get the irony? >_>

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  3. what is with all of you trolls hating on casual mode

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