So, IGN's review apparently is on the 30th (9:00 AM PST)

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  3. So, IGN's review apparently is on the 30th (9:00 AM PST)

User Info: Kysafen

4 years ago#1
Your prediction: what will IGN rate it? - Results (276 votes)
7.25% (20 votes)
25.36% (70 votes)
30.8% (85 votes)
23.55% (65 votes)
3.99% (11 votes)
2.9% (8 votes)
6.16% (17 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Source: (skip to 0:07)

Personally? I dunno lol. They seem to like it, I'm guessing at least an 8, maybe 8.5 minimum.

And why should you care? Well, for some people on the fence, a good review plus a fun demo may just make them want to buy the game. More players= more potential fans, more fans= more Fire Emblem sales, more FE sales= higher chance of next FE making it into English. So yeah, even if review scores don't count for you, they'll at least count for FE fans indirectly.
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User Info: WestbrickIII

4 years ago#2
Putting all the chips on a 9.0.
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User Info: anothrgamer1234

4 years ago#3
Depends on whether they get their bribe money in on time.
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User Info: BlueSophia

4 years ago#4
I predict another 8.8 fiasco.
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User Info: anothrgamer1234

4 years ago#5
BlueSophia posted...
I predict another 8.8 fiasco.

No, that was Gamespot. Although I can't say I'd be surprised if something like that ends up happening on IGN as well.
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User Info: BobTDonut

4 years ago#6
IGN has already stated on other Awakening vids they have done that they enjoyed the game so far, so you can expect at least an 8.0 or better, which I can live with.

User Info: MHGALE

4 years ago#7
If the review is from Audrey it'll be a 9.0+ but if it's there other nintendrone I predict it will be a little lower.

User Info: S1ppy_cup

4 years ago#8
I tend to not care about IGN. They can all rot in hell.

User Info: azn_boy150

4 years ago#9
On the subject of reviews, is anyone going to write their own when they get their copy of the game?
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Amine Hsu Nekuchan 4 years ago#10
It's IGN, probably like 6.5.

The review will also probably be really stupid with it becoming obvious the reviewer hates JRPG/strategy games/anime/turn-based and marking it down for some very ignorant reason.

I'm guessing it will probably still get called too difficult to be accessible and they will claim the tutorial doesn't explain anything.

Hrm, these review are almost always 'special' so I'm not really sure beyond that but it'll probably be entertaining just to see what ridiculous claims they make.
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  3. So, IGN's review apparently is on the 30th (9:00 AM PST)

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