Street Date is Back On.

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User Info: puny_rikku

4 years ago#21
Just went to EB games in Canada and they refused to sell a copy.

User Info: Skaldskaparmal

4 years ago#22
Seems a bit silly to say "nope, no more sales!" after selling however many copies for at least a day and a half. Whether the initial release was intended by Nintendo or not, trying to shut it down now is just stupid.

User Info: helldew

4 years ago#23
nice so my journey yesterday wasnt all for naught. pretty much yesterday is the only day of the week i have off for school and i decided to head on down to pick up my copy. i was thinking man i could pick it up tommorow when im you know at school but i figured hell why not. And my friends would have definintly rubbed it in my face if i missed it cause i was the one that got them to buy it >.> and they were all like dude you can buy it early today XD.

Plus this weekend i can get some good hours on it.
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User Info: kwando1313

4 years ago#24
This is true. Just phoned up my EB Games and they won't sell it. Gonna try Best Buy once it opens up...
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