The game is not street dated and releases the 4th, stores will get it the 5th.

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  3. The game is not street dated and releases the 4th, stores will get it the 5th.

User Info: PrinceMedion

4 years ago#1
I work at Gamestop, the game has never been street dated in the USA and will ship on the 4th with most stores receiving it the 5th. When a game has a street date it is shipped out before the release, Nintendo did not place a street date on this game for the states and because of that don't expect to see it until the 5th, stores very close to distribution centers may get shipment on the 4th but very very few.

This could change but is very unlikely and we haven't been sent any information to state otherwise. No idea about what happened to Canada, can't speak to that.

If you're hearing that GS stores don't have a date for it anymore that's because it was taken out of the release list when we had to stop taking reserves, no one can see the date anymore.

Any other questions I can answer in regards to this feel free to ask.

User Info: Gaming4dummies

4 years ago#2
Why are gummy bears so darn tasty?
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User Info: TyrantKnight

4 years ago#3
why did you stop taking reserves
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User Info: Kouban

4 years ago#4
How does this affect people having it shipped to their residence?

User Info: zavlinz

4 years ago#5
Gaming4dummies posted...
Why are gummy bears so darn tasty?

as an expert gummy bear maker, i can confirm this is because of the color of the gummy bear. Gummy bear colors are full of taste particles that give each gummy bear that extra taste.

User Info: BMSirius

4 years ago#6
TyrantKnight posted...
why did you stop taking reserves

This question has been answered 1,000 times; because Nintendo/IS didn't create enough copies for GameStop to sell. It's not GameStop's fault.
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User Info: MrHobags

4 years ago#7
What state do you work in? I'm in Orange County, CA and my GameStop says they'll have my copy ready for me on the 4th, and that so will every other GameStop.

User Info: BlackBloodDrago

4 years ago#8
Can you tell me more about these "distribution centers"
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User Info: NobleRoar

4 years ago#9
I prepurchased the bundle through the Gamestop online shop and I'm really paranoid I won't get it

comfort me TC

User Info: Lord Ephraim

Lord Ephraim
4 years ago#10
What happened to Canada is their EB Games' database goofed up and listed FE:A as a street dated title when in fact it's not. So it triggered the warehouse to ship a week early. When some random employee sold a copy with no restriction (Street dated titles are hardlocked to never be sold early), it made the rest of the stores in the Country to sell them because money now is awesome. They halted sales when Nintendo stepped their foot down.

The US branch had no such error, so everything going as planned. The good news is that Gamestop has been better at getting games stocked when they're shipped same day. However it's more of a 50/50 chance rather than the small 5% that lives right next door to distribution centers.
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  3. The game is not street dated and releases the 4th, stores will get it the 5th.

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