AHH What do I do? *spoilers*

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  3. AHH What do I do? *spoilers*

User Info: MHGALE

4 years ago#1
Do I sacrifice Emmeryn or do I rescue I'm going for full recruitment here.

User Info: nflchamp

4 years ago#2
Pretty sure it don't matter, dude.

User Info: Jstretch19

4 years ago#3
Pretty sure she falls off the cliff no matter what you do
4 more days

User Info: braiel91

4 years ago#4
yeah i said no to sacrificing her and it was still super sad i don't think it changes based on your choice

User Info: Laoni

4 years ago#5
Less she falls off, more she willingly jumps to get rid of Gangrel's leverage over Chrom
Now I have this image of Sora's heart being a magical hospital. - Hikaru_Irving
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  2. Fire Emblem: Awakening
  3. AHH What do I do? *spoilers*

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