Characters sharing your birthday

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User Info: TheSpiralQueen

4 years ago#21
Anna's birthday is a day before mine.

User Info: Grayjack72

4 years ago#22
Donnel's birthday is 3 days before mine, so I guess he's the closest. Anna is a close second with 4 days after mine.
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4 years ago#23
Nope, but Sumia's is three days within mine.

User Info: xGreekAcex714

4 years ago#24
Owain's birthday is the day before mine!
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User Info: DoctorPiranha3

4 years ago#25
Anna is one day way from my birthday.
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User Info: Pyro76

4 years ago#26
Cordelia is a day after mine.
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User Info: KeyToSuccess

4 years ago#27
Morgan is two days off.
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User Info: dtx109

4 years ago#28
Lon'qu is one day after mine.
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User Info: RPG_292

4 years ago#29
Ironically enough, Morgan's is closest to mine. Still a few days off, though.

User Info: DutchAngel9

4 years ago#30
Lisa's birthday is 2 days after mine
Gamertag: DahDutcher
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  3. Characters sharing your birthday

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