The maturity level of this board has gone downhill...

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User Info: Enso84

4 years ago#41
First thing some of you need to keep in mind is that any major cor (GS, Best Buy, etc) can give a flying @#%# about you as a person. They want your business. Then there is the problem with franchises, you get no consistency with service.

The GS I shop at has been nothing but stellar. The employees aren't pushy, have real game discussions where no one flies off the handle when we disagree and have hooked me up with free stuff on a few occasions just to be cool. Unfortunately this isn't the case with every GS and I'm sorry to hear some have had such awful experiences.

That said, I do feel the delay is a legitimate complaint. I've already paid off my copy of Awakening and would be cross if it wasn't there waiting for me after I finish my graveyard shift Monday morning. However I'm not going to act like a spoiled 5 year old or some uber defensive employee over the situation. I've waited this long, I can continue being an adult and wait a bit longer if necessary. Especially considering the hundreds of hours I am going to bank in this game and the fact that I can probably get some more free stuff for the hassle since my GS is boss.

But eff what I think. People would rather biatch.

User Info: smajere

4 years ago#42
USMCinfinity posted...
Torajima posted...
USMCinfinity posted...
Waaaa I wont shop at gamestop if they screw up my order waaa.


No, I'm going to stop shopping at Gamestop because most of the employees are pompous know-it-all jerks, and I'm tired of them trying to force me to buy their Rewards Pro card every darn time I set foot in the shop.

I think I'm going to go digital, I'd rather Nintendo get rewarded for good games than Gamestop get rewarded for being a bad retailer.

Hopefully next time you go GameStop the employee will offer you a bag of s***.

I hope some internet savvy pirate ties your gamefaqs tag to your real life name and address so that you not only lose your job at GameStop, but also become un-hirable for any future job involving customer service.

You are the weakest link (in the species).

User Info: Lylat_Cruiser

4 years ago#43
pfff... Obvious troll from someone who is a huge fan of the failed game Halo 4. "USMCInfinity"? You jelly that this game is getting more hype than Halo 4 that you have to wine up this board? Maaan go @#$% yourself! XD
The only thing that stops a bad guy with an axe is a good guy with a sword!
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  3. The maturity level of this board has gone downhill...

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