Let's take a census.

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User Info: TheMasterTurtle

4 years ago#11
I've played and beaten FE 4-8 and then FE 11-12. I just beat 13.

User Info: HankTank45

4 years ago#12
I own all of the releases that have been made possible for me to attain.
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User Info: PikachuMittins

4 years ago#13
I played the other GBA Fire Emblems but never came around to beat them. So I would consider myself a newcomer.
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User Info: BrianCraigSmith

4 years ago#14
Played the GBA FEs, Shadow Dragon (still playing), and awaiting Awakening.
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User Info: Riyk

4 years ago#15
Pretty much every game that's seen a release stateside.
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User Info: Kysafen

4 years ago#16
HankTank45 posted...
I own all of the releases that have been made possible for me to attain.

So, every released Fire Emblem, period?
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User Info: Shadowman621

4 years ago#17
Vet. Played all US releases except for Radiant Dawn.
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User Info: katella

4 years ago#18
Ive played and played all of the localized games except the DS ones(tried, terrible games) over and over more times than i can count, except SS. I beat that once and had to force myself to beat it cuz it was so awful to me. The first half of it was good, then it got lame. The tower was boring and repetitive grinding. The skirmishes were too. But thats just my opinion. I guess i just like story stages more.

My fav's were 9 & 10. Ive beaten 9 probably 11 times iirc since i unlocked Bryce and used him. And RD 5-6 times. Im totally loco for this series @_@
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User Info: spaceface101

4 years ago#19
i don't know if i count as a veteran because i'm pretty bad at the games but i played path of radiance until the late 20's then i got to a mission i couldn't beat because of dragons and as a noob i mainly used titania. I'm in like the 6th chapter in fire emblem and im in like chapter 4 in sacred stones but i think i've improved now and i can do hard on awakening classic.

User Info: ivanhellsing

4 years ago#20
veteran becase one of my friends in High school was playing FE 7 the blazing sword and that how I become a FE fan :)
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