I hate this game so much >:(

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  3. I hate this game so much >:(

User Info: pokemon2poker

4 years ago#21
MHGALE posted...
My idea wouldn't cost ya a dime :) try it.

Believe me, I will.
Suikoden 6 please.

User Info: Village Idiot

Village Idiot
4 years ago#22
After repeatedly getting my ass kicked trying to beat Hard/Chapter 2, do this:

-Let the enemies come to you

-Secure the area where there are terrain bonuses

-Choose your characters based on enemy weapon types and how many there are.

-Form Pairings. The stat buffs is very significant on Hard difficulty. Unless your Support grinding, give your pairiings a variety of weapons. Remember switch characters if you cannot get a Heal in time.

-Remember you can trade Pairing units between other party members on the fly. Take advantage of this.

-Obviously, attack based on enemy weaknesses.

-Never rush in. Use X to see the enemy aggro range. Send a unit in at max range and is strong VS the closest enemy weapon type and end turn. Let them come to you.

-Be very, very careful with Pegasus characters if the enemy have Archers, as they can get one-shotted. It might be a better idea to pair them with someone and switch once the Archers are dead.

After doing this, the game had become much more managable.
Actually, since Wedge Antilles > Carriers, and Carriers = Instant win, then it should be Wedge Antilles > Instant win. He's just that good XD -PsionicDude

User Info: ikilledkenny2

4 years ago#23
yeah, i didnt even realize how much easier pairing up made the game until the end. I just didn't think to use it much because I was so used to old fire emblems and thought it was just a gimmick, but nope, you really need to do it

User Info: klecser

4 years ago#24
"Lance dude. Sword dude. Axe dude. You're gonna F this dude up!" Ha ha. Love it.

Yeah, quality improvements of the shooting of the video would be welcome, but it was nice of you to post the video because there aren't a lot of english gameplay videos out there. You just need to find a way to steady your camera.

And, as others have said, FE's most important tactic is "don't rush in". Another general tip is that when you get your "preview" of damage before attacking a unit you don't have to commit to that. You can press B and re-plan the move. A good thing to try at the beginning of each round is to check to see if a unit is likely to get a kill before committing to it. So, you check Stahl and Virion's damage before sending them forward (since Virion is a weak unit) and if you don't like their damage, you can avoid the "Stahl sucks" moment you had. You can also check enemy attack ranges ahead of time so Lissa doesn't get that big hit. Frederick is being attacked constantly because, as a promoted unit, all of the XP he gets is less than any other unit, so by having Frederick up front, the game is forcing you to waste experience gains on him that would be more experience on other units. Try to use him less from now on. Your other characters will improve faster. This concept is difficult for new players because the best play is usually to NOT use your best unit at the start in FE games. Bosses in FE games really require careful examination and planning. I thought to myself (regretfully): "There he goes getting Virion killed." As mentioned above, before you attack with him Virion, the info screen shows that the boss has a ranged attack (which is typical of bosses in FE). Use ALL of your info at all times. Just trying to help.

Don't get discouraged. Fire Emblem games are not easy and that's what people like about them. They're one of the few games in the modern era that really require you to play your best at all times. You WILL improve. You've recognized early on that you're making mistakes. The only problem will be if you don't learn from them and adjust your play. You will have a HUGE sense of satisfaction when you DO improve.

Thanks for posting and keep the videos coming! :D

Many people are curious about early game difficulty and if you can tell us your difficulty level it will help us gauge where we want to start. What difficulty were you playing on? I'm guessing Normal, because a FE vet would probably wipe that board easily. YOU WILL GET BETTER!

User Info: Pembleton

4 years ago#25
jonnovision1 posted...
just a tip based on your videos, you should let enemies come to you, not rush in, and not abuse frederick early game and just keep him back for emergencies, or you'll lose a lot of early exp.

My only experience with FE is playing half of FE7, but I have a played quite a few other srpgs, and the first thing I noticed is the rushing in. I stopped watching after noticing that.

It seems everyone else is pointing this out.

I always try to keep my units together, unless you have to worry about aoe attacks, or have some other reason like sending a unit out for a special task.

User Info: GoombaX

4 years ago#26
Some people have never played games like fire emblem, xcom is far more unforgiving.
Pro tip : Thats not how I would do it

User Info: OCShoes

4 years ago#27
katella posted...
MHGALE posted...
Also not to knock your hustle or anything. You should try finding a new method of recording.

Just so you know, its impossible unless you hack your 3DS(which currently isnt possible) or use an emulator(which doesnt exist for the 3DS). So he did it well considering the resources he had available to him.

I believe he meant to find a better way of securing the camera.
Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself. -Charlie Chaplin
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  3. I hate this game so much >:(

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