Another Gamestop near me says it should be there tomorrow

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User Info: White_Knight13

4 years ago#21
HeavenX posted...
White_Knight13 posted...
HeavenX posted...
OmegChosen posted...
HeavenX posted...
I have a friend that work at Gamestop. He told me they already have this game in the back for the past week already. They can't sell the game till tomorrow though.

So are you saying this has all been a grand conspiracy to make us all crazy when they've had it this whole time or just that that particular GameStop has had theirs for a while?

No idea, but I doubt my best friend for 15 year would lie to me about this, since he know how much I love the Fire Emblem series.

Anyway, lots of people at my local Gamestop are looking forward to this release, including most of the Gamestop employee and manager. So I guess they made sure they have this game in stock for the release date.

I'm really sorry but he's definitely lying. All gamestops received an email on Friday to sell the game as soon as it is received. If they have it, you should have it by now.

It's not their policy to sell game before the release date. I am not saying that you are lying about the whole email thing, but they just won't sell the game till tomorrow.

It's what the manager just told me. I have no idea how thing work since I'm not a Gamestop employee.

The email they received told them the street date was lifted...sooooooo.


4 years ago#22
Mine finally picked up, told me by Friday. Sigh.

User Info: Daquinosa24

4 years ago#23
Well I talked to a GS employee yesterday and he told me to call back today in regards to my bundle. Im not really sure what all is going on but he seemed to be aware of the problem and everything. Said he was sorry for all this but they hope to get it in. So two more hours and Ill call in, fingers crossed.

If i was being completely honest. if I had a 3DS already I definitely would have downloaded it last night >.<
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