Endgame's guide to dominating the game

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User Info: Endgame

4 years ago#1
want a strategy game that takes planning and cunning to win? play a Fire Emblem made before 2004 (that isn't Gaiden)

want a turn based game where you can steamroll through all the enemies on even the highest difficulty with an army of super units, or hell, just one couple?! I can show you the way.....

so let's begin:

Pair Up

the game's biggest new feature! and of course, the most abusable

if you want to read about it in detail, go here:


if you want me to sum it up for you, well.....

you get access to a system that the enemies don't, where your units get stat boosts, partners that can attack when they attack, and the partners can block attacks, completely negating them

let me break it down for you:

dual attack: combined Skl of both units /4 + Support Rank bonus + 10% from Dual Strike+ skill (Lord and select Spotpass units only)

dual guard: combined Def/Res (depends on type of attack) of both units /4 + Support Rank bonus + 10% from Support Block+ (Great Knight skill)

supporting units cannot proc skills like Astra when attacking

and that's chance for a dual attack PER ATTACK, so if the active unit has a two hit weapon (Brave weapons, Celica's Gale, Waste) and attacks twice (four times), all four of those attacks have a chance for the supporting unit to attack, and if the supporting unit also has a two hit weapon.....

that's up to 12 attacks!

note: 5 hits of Astra/2 hits of Aether only counts as one attack

also: dual attacks ignore the skills Aegis and Pavise (and their Lunatic+ enemy only variations)

as for stats, it comes down to this:

Paladin is the best supporting unit for physical units (highest bonuses of +7 Str, Skl, Spd, and Def, +3 everything else)

Dark Flier is the best supporting unit for magical units (highest bonuses of +8 Mag and Spd, +7 Res, +3 everything else)

Sage is the best supporting unit for Dark Flier its self (+9 Mag, +7 Skl and Res, +3 everything else), but more on that later

traditionally, the ENEMIES are the ones who get access to cool things that you don't/have only limited access to (namely ballistas and long range spells), and they act as a challenge that the player must overcome.....

DLC chapters

for $2.50 a pop, you can buy a DLC map

DLC maps:

-can be run as many times as you want past Chapter 5 (I think), good for grinding!
-give rewards upon completion, such as Lords from the previous games, scrolls that give special skills, items that promote units to special classes, etc.
-some DLC are designed specifically for farming gold or EXP!
-are a chance for NoA to give their wacky translations to characters from games they'll never bring over


Rallies are manually activated skills that certain classes get, they boost stats for all other units within 3 tiles of the user (but the user does not get them)

all Rally skills the user has are used when the Rally command is used

Rally skills last until the next enemy phase

different Rally skills stack with each other, same Rally skills do not stack if multiple instances are used

highest possible Rally stat boosts are 14 Luk, 2 Mov, and 10 everything else

to my knowledge, enemy units, even in DLC, only have rallies if they are of the class that gets them to begin with, they will use them after moving (regardless if another unit already used it)

Rally Strength is male only (Warrior), Speed (Falcon Knight), Movement, and Resistance (Valkyrie), and the DLC Bride class' Rally (english name currently unknown, let's call it "Love Rally" for now, +1 Mov, +2 to everything else) are female only
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User Info: Endgame

4 years ago#2
I personally reccomend having a few Spotpass units with mobile classes and five Rallies each for your rallying needs, since Spotpass units, just like Avatar, have access to all normal classes for their gender


those who get access to Mercenary get access to this skill, a useful one it is, for when it activates, weapon durability will not go down!

its activation rate is Luk *2, and the default Luk cap is 45, most units with negative Luk caps do not dip that low (I think -2 is the lowest), so you can go nuts with legendary and forged weapons!

and unlike the other active skills, it will not override other skills if it procs, it can proc together with them!


the skill for getting a Dark Flier to level 15, and a truly devastating one it is

if a unit (or his/her partner) kills a unit, s/he (mostly she, female only class skill!) gets an extra turn!

only once per turn, but if you have two units together with Galeforce, you can have one kill, get an extra turn, move to the next enemy, have the two switch positions, have the second unit kill, proc Galeforce, then use either unit to get the third kill (or if one of the two is more mobile, try to have that unit be the one out on the third turn so s/he can move away to safety!)


japanese media pushes the narrative that although the powers of darkness and hate are indeed destructive, the powers of light and love will always prevail

but in Awakening, there is no light magic (well, technically there is ONE tome that was the ultimate light tome in its game of origin..... but let's not talk about that hollow shell of its former self), only anima magic lumped into one category, and dark magic, there's plenty of love though

only Dark Mage, Sorceror, and units with the Shadowgift skill can use dark magic

only four units can get Shadowgift, two are DLC

Sorceror is far from the only way to break the game, but it is for all intents and purposes, the fastest, and perhaps as far as the main game goes, the most efficient, why? well, there's three main factors here:


when capped, Sorceror has the second highest Mag cap, below average Skl (only 2 below the average 40 though), average Spd, above average Def (41!), and the second highest Res

that's right, tanky magic users! what do they lose to compensate for this? well..... they wear little clothing.....

yeah, scantily clad women that can tank better than men in armor!


Vengeance is the skill a Sorceror gets upon reaching level 5

its activation rate is Skl*2, so it procs often (50 Skl = 100%!)

for each 2 HP of damage a Sorceror has sustained, damage dealt increases by 1

so if a HP capped Sorceror (80) is at half health (40), which is enough for skills like Vantage and Wrath to activate, that's a damage boost of 20! given that a Sorceror caps Mag at 44, that's 64 Atk before taking the weapon and weapon skill level bonus into account! and did I mention that most enemies have rather low Res?

so a tanky magic user that can deal lots of damage..... hey, you know what's missing? self-healing! which leads us to:

Nosferatu/Aversa's Night

what is Nosferatu? it's a dark tome! it takes a D rank to use, has 7 MT, 65 Hit, 0 Crit, 1-2 range, 20 uses, can be bought freely after Chapter 13, and it heals the user for half of the damage done
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: WestbrickIII

4 years ago#3
Westbrick's (superior) guide to dominating the game:

-Use Frederick on the early chapters
-Use Forged Tomes on Chapters 4 / 5
-Give MU all your experience
-Make MU a female and have her S-Rank with Chrom
-Change MU into a Sorcerer
-Buy Nosferatu
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User Info: emagdnE

4 years ago#4
oh, and there's no WT in this game, so while the Nosferatu spell is traditionally too heavy to really be viable, in Awakening..... it's gamebreaking!

Aversa's Night is a super Nosferatu that can be found from sparkly tiles, 15 MT, but only 10 uses, but there's always Armsthrift for that.....

what? it only heals for HALF the damage dealt? that doesn't sound too powerful, right?....



note: the enemies in that DLC chapter are stronger than anything Lunatic+ throws at you

there are only THREE things that can kill these god(desse)s of death:

-an unlucky Lethality proc from an enemy, Lethality, although it has an ungodly low chance of activating, means instant death (unless dual guard takes place, then it does nothing)

-dealing with too many enemies with Counter during an enemy turn, Counter is a skill that lets whoever have it hit the enemy for the exact same damage taken from a 1 range attack

it's mostly on Warriors, Warriors have low Res, Sorcerors hit hard..... do the math

-the ultimate boss from a DLC chapter, Sorcerors just plain can't tank her

note: with Shadowgift, Sage is a better choice for Nosferatu tanking than Sorceror, because higher Mag and Skl + lower Def = more damage = more healing

however, Nosferatu isn't the only overpowered dark tome, there's also Waste, 10 MT, hits twice

plenty of people write this one off because of its low Hit (45), however, according to my calculations, a Sorceror with base caps (38 Skl, 45 Luk) and a +5 MT +15 Hit forged Waste with the +10 Hit bonus from the bare minimum Pair Up bonus and +5 Hit from having a A rank in tomes will have a 62.5 hit rate against the forementioned ultimate boss (137 Avoid), your Sorcerors will have even higher Hit

yep..... this is the future of Fire Emblem

speaking of the future.....


do not read past this point if you care about the story, and have not gotten past Chapter 13 yet, because for the remainder of this guide, I have to talk about the units you get past this point

.....I say playing video games for plot is like watching porn for plot, but whatever, you're now entering spoiler country

breeding..... I mean pairings!


why: well, this one doesn't really need much explanation, Olivia is the best parent for Lucina, plain and simple

note: you only have one chapter to do this, do NOT have Chrom pair up with female Avatar, Sully, especially not Sumia, or Mariabelle, have him pair up with Olivia for the chapter she joins

make sure Olivia passes Galeforce down to Inigo

no onexLissa

why: because Lissa is fugly and no one deserves to be subjected to THAT

.....why would you even use Lissa anyway? you're supposed to be the GOOD guys! why unleash the horrors of the dress upon the world?!




why: the reasoning is the same for both pairings: to give Owain and Brady access to Sorceror

however, Henry has class redundancy with Lissa, and Libra has class redundancy with Mariabelle, so these two pairings will give the children access to some extra classes

Henry and Libra have similar stat caps, so don't worry too much about it

make sure both mothers pass down Galeforce
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User Info: emagdnE

4 years ago#5

why: for reasons that are not made clear, Sumia the twit only has limited marriage options: Chrom, Frederick, Henry, and Gaius

Chrom and Henry have already been given wives, so it comes down to Frederick and Gaius

Gaius is a far superior choice

some may see this as a waste, Gaius gives daughters access to Pegasus Knight, and thus, Galeforce, something Cynthia will have by default, but here's the thing: Cynthia has access to both Dark Flier and Sage by default (more on this later), she is a higher priority unit, and..... Frederick as father hurts her potential Spd pretty damn badly, Gaius will bring her Spd cap to +6 instead of +2, so yeah, Gaius it is


why: Severa is pretty much the best non-Morgan unit in the game (i-it's not like she does it for the sake of you!), so Cordelia gets dibs on Lon'qu's premium manseed


why: +7 Str

that is all


why: Yarney boy is of lower priority, and out of the remaining units..... well, Mr. Fancy Pants is a good father anyway, with +3 Str, +5 Skl, and +6 Spd, he'll make a beastly (lol get it?) Berserker or killer giant bunny


why: best option left, gives Laurent Vantage (great for Nosferatu Sorceror!) and decent caps


why: +6 Mag, gives Noire access to Sage for Tomefaire (+5 Mag)


why: +7 Def

only Japan could make a game where banging a little girl results in another little girl who can tank everything, including the ultimate boss

note: Manakete is a better class for Nah in general, but if you can give her Helswath, General becomes better


here's the best three Morgan builds:

asset Mag weakness Str male AvatarxAversa

why: Morgan with Shadowgift and +8 Mag

asset Str weakness Def female AvatarxGerome

why: +11 Str

make him a Berserker, give him a forged Brave Axe, and watch him kill everything in one-two hits! NOTHING survives!

make sure you pass down Galeforce to him for extra killing power

asset Def weakness Mag or Luk male AvatarxNah

why: +11 Def

the ultimate tank! if the feds show up, tell them you did it for the stats, they'll understand!

Dark Flier/Sage combo

now that I've explained everything else, now it is time for the final segment of this guide

you know how Sorceror takes hits?

well, how'd you like to be able to avoid taking damage altogether by killing (almost) everything before they get a chance to attack?!

think I'm crazy? well.....



note: every enemy in that chapter has Dragonskin, which cuts all damage, either Aegis+ or Pavise+

and all the player units have Limit Breaker, a DLC only skill that boosts all stat caps by 10

although as you can see, Sorceror works fine too, especially if the Sorceror is Lon'qu!Severa


the tome they are all using is Cellica's Gale, it turns one hit into two
I've never seen anything this beautiful in the entire galaxy... All right, give me the bomb. -Ultra Magnus

User Info: Endgame

4 years ago#6
basically, this combo is a combination of all the things I've already explained:

-abusing the hell out of the Pair Up system for huge stat boosts and 12 attacks, dual attacks bypassing the enemies' Aegis+
-using Spotpass units as Rally users to give them +10 to most stats
-using Galeforce to get three turns per duo, sometimes using that third turn to fly out of the enemies' range

so remember how I told you to give Owain and Brady Galeforce? yeah, it's so they can do this as Sages

they can do it with their mothers as Dark Fliers (all parents can support their children), or they can do it with second generation Dark Fliers like Cynthia or Severa (which they can hit S rank support with)

so this concludes my guide to dominating this game! enjoy crushing everything with ease!
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: kukingina2

4 years ago#7
with the amount of effort endgame did (its actually helpful too) ...

im pretty sure he loves this game more than you (we) do...
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User Info: poptarts22

4 years ago#8
I used to think Endgame's trolling was just something he did as a hobby, buy after this extensive post, I think there are some SERIOUS mental/emotional issues at play here and I can't help but pity his existence.

User Info: Endgame

4 years ago#9
believe whatever you want

it does not change anything
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: w00t1996

4 years ago#10
So he isn't a troll? Whatever, this is pretty helpful for a newcomer like me so...thanks I guess?
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