Severa broken *** character lol

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  3. Severa broken *** character lol

User Info: DestinyZero9999

4 years ago#1
Isn't she just broken as ****? She can reclass to mercenary, pegasus knight and dark mage. She has access to Armsthrift, Galeforce, Life Absorb and Vengeance.

Have fun creating the most OP character ever or am I missing something really BIIG here!? Opinions and discussions are appreciated.

User Info: MHGALE

4 years ago#2
and she's a beaut to boot.

User Info: CodeKyuubi

4 years ago#3
Tis what happens when you make a child with a naturalborn genius.
The potential energy between a Falcon Punch and your face is infinity.

User Info: braiel91

4 years ago#4
mark is the most op but yeah she's pretty ba too a little bit psycho but good

User Info: KushalaFriend

4 years ago#5
Well she IS Cordelia's daughter, perfection runs in her blood. Though, Morgan can always be more broken than her.

Damn, five more long days...
Typical quest with a Pr0 Hunter

User Info: Endgame

4 years ago#6
you're not missing anything, Severa is the best non-Morgan unit in the game
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: Alucard188

4 years ago#7
Who do you match with Cordelia for best effect?
Face it Cloud is a gaming icon and has appered in lots of games while mario has only appeared in 2 games sunshine and 64~xSlashbomBx

User Info: MHGALE

4 years ago#8
Alucard188 posted...
Who do you match with Cordelia for best effect?

Lon'qu :D
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  3. Severa broken *** character lol

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