Day 1 - How's your RNG?

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User Info: Sahleos

4 years ago#11
I've somehow gotten 3 perfect level-ups with Virion and 2 for Miriel.

Also, Sully missed with a 98% in Chapter 1. Instantly kicked off the team.

User Info: TheMasterTurtle

4 years ago#12
My first run through the game was okay except Chrom who was terrible. Both times I've played Stahl consistently STALLS (HARHARHAR) out. My Unit both times has been excellent.

User Info: Torajima

4 years ago#13
I usually get an awesome level up right before one of my characters die.

And then press start-left-right to reset the game...

User Info: Kurama2

4 years ago#14
Pretty great, except for Chrom is getting screwed in speed.

User Info: klecser

4 years ago#15
I have experienced great or terrible growths. There has been no middle ground. I had intended to marry Sully but her stats just suck. Chrom, on the other hand, had one level where he increased in everything but Magic. Growths on MU have also been good.

I am finding Hard difficulty to be just that...Hard. And so these level ups have been key. I've also gained some great "random" weapons on the sparkly squares that have helped me on certain boards. I feel like if you don't use Frederick, pairing up is necessary on Hard to be successful. I had to use Frederick on Chapter 5 to have any chance of getting out unscathed on Hard Classic.

User Info: WaLuigiTails

4 years ago#16
I am landing way too many low percentage criticals
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