Is auto-battle something that is actually used?

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  3. Is auto-battle something that is actually used?

User Info: alangst

4 years ago#1
Sorry, for the noobish question, but I'm new to FE (loving the game), and was a bit curious about the usefulness of auto-battle.

During the 3rd chapter, when the auto battle tutorial is given, I try the guard technique for Sully, who then immediately rushes directly to the boss, while only having about 12 hp, and is immediately slaughtered. Since I'm playing on classic, and I felt a bit robbed, I restarted.

Just curious on the implementation of auto-battle in this new to the series?

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User Info: jonnovision1

4 years ago#2
unless it was added in FE12, it is new, but like pretty much every auto-battle mode in any turn-based RPG ever, useless 80% of the time.
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User Info: CrashGordon94_

4 years ago#3
I suppose it would be great if you were massively overpowering the enemy and/or couldn't be bothered to move your own units anymore.
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User Info: ToiseOfChoice

4 years ago#4
Playing with auto-battle only would be an interesting challenge.
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  3. Is auto-battle something that is actually used?

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